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My Question – My Being

Again, the phrase appears in my mind, lingering like an unwanted specter. To be or not to be; that is the question. My soul groans and cries out - What is the answer? Only silence. The barren desert appears again. The warmth from the day lingers in the twilight hours. Long after the sun descended over the horizon. Only the moon glows against the velvet canopy of sky. Stars blinking in chorus for some cosmic audience. The desert wind becomes a cold talon. The desert's friend is loneliness.

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The Great Love of the Lord

Think about your emotional tendencies. Don't most of our behavioral problems and psychological flaws come from an insecurity deep within? Yet if we, the redeemed, were thoroughly convinced of God's love - the unflinching goodness which He has shown us since the dawn of creation - then we would lose the basis of nearly every one of our insecurities. Those who have immersed themselves in the immeasurable love of God are wise indeed - and extremely secure. They have no need to envy: no desire for revenge; no reason to fear; no time for pettiness; and no cause for self-promotion.