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The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

In Word: The Tree of Life is symbolism of the Plan of Salvation. The love of God who is Jesus Christ. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the representation of moral agency. It stands in opposition to the tree of life. It represents mortality. Adam and Eve remained in a state of spiritual existence. A state of innocence. A state of perfect union and harmony. Yet, to bring about the reality of the Plan of Salvation - humanity needed to make a choice. That choice led to the temptation and partaking of the forbidden fruit. The Tree of Life represented immortality and eternal life. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represented mortality and moral agency. All that encompasses human liberty and freedom of choice comes suffering, adversity, and sorrow. Yet, our Heavenly Father has prepared a way for us to overcome and endure temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Awareness, Come Follow Me, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Spirituality

The Disease of Sin

Today I need to constantly remind myself that I am only able to save myself through Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father's grace. It is vital to my spiritual and physical well-being to keep myself humble, aware, and not traverse down that road of self-destruction and self-pity. Shedding the baggage of shame, guilt, and all the resentments and bitterness that had ,at one time, poisoned my soul and caused the fount of despair. I know that my natural man is constantly an enemy toward God. Yet my spiritual self draws nearer to Him as a humble servant willing and ready to walk in His light and truth.

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Why are you angry?

The Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry, and why has your face fallen? ~ Genesis 4:6, ESV ~ Anger, unchecked, is a problem that correlates with problems we have within our relationships. Some of us may have held back our anger and resentment and bitterness has blossomed. Others may have indulged in their anger and… Continue reading Why are you angry?

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Return to our old life and ways

Return back to our old life and ways Read Genesis 20; 21:22-34 ~ Pray and Meditate for the lord to reveal those personal temptations. ~  Whether you are a new or seasoned Christian, we are prone to make decisions that may lead us back to our old habits and ways. Living out our faith is… Continue reading Return to our old life and ways