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All that Thou Commandest Us We Will Do

Each one of us ought to devote our time and energy in studying the standard works every day. This is accomplished by establishing a study schedule that best serves our personal needs. And is something we are motivated and committed to following consistently. Developing an understanding and love for the scriptures will greatly help in the challenges and responsibilities we have in our lives. Helps us be of service toward others. Improve our ability to relate and communicate with others.

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Set Your Feet on a Level and Firm Path

When this verse commands me to make level paths and to take firm ways, it is not telling me to follow conventional wisdom. This is not a suggestion to play it safe. It is an order to follow my Heavenly Father, to heed His wisdom and trust His guidance, no matter how foolish it looks to a skeptical and watching world. It is a call t base our lives in the ultimate reality of Scripture rather than the finite understanding of human logic. I must understand that the level and firm paths are the ones that are level and firm in God's sight - not mine or anyone else's.