Latter-day Saint Christians are not Victims or Enemies

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.comWhen you think of the term victim being used - what comes to mind? For me, it presents a notion that someone is suffering some form of abuse. Maybe someone who experienced some form of crime against them. Others may have experienced the devastation of fraud. However, would it ever… Continue reading Latter-day Saint Christians are not Victims or Enemies

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Wickedness Always Leads to Unhappiness

As we see, the nature of sexual integrity and teaching of the law of chastity - especially among young people - is quite paramount to the foundation of Christian faith. It is not so much a teaching of oppressing someone. It is not a damaging mindset as the writer of ex-mormon blog insinuates. Neither is this based on fairy tales related to realizing a sense of authentic happiness. Sexual integrity and the teachings of the law of chastity has significant foundation in developing a resilient and healthy lifestyle. One that avoids giving into sexual temptation.