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James 1:9-11 | Genuine Faith, Poverty, and Prosperity

Genuine faith stems from genuine humility. Our humility and faith is shaped from those trials we face in our lives. We are richly blessed beyond measure. The challenge is to keep ourselves humble regardless of how blessed we are. I also want to add that humility is the means in which we shore up treasures in heaven and not here on earth (see Matthew 6:19-20). It is not one of many Christian Virtues. It is the root of all Christian virtues. Humility is the root of genuine faith in God.

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For the love of God or the love of Money?

if our love moves from God to money and material gain - and we yield to the temptation of loving money more than loving God - we fall into various temptations and sin. We lose our very souls in the process.


The Hunger Games Guide to Creativity

Creativity comes in many different forms. It is a way for a hobbyist to spend time doing something they love. It's relaxing, exhilarating, and sometimes becomes a passion that turns into a profitable venture. However, there is a reason for the cliche term¬†starving artist.¬† A dear friend of mine, from high school, provides this insight… Continue reading The Hunger Games Guide to Creativity