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Day 18 – Cultivating a Vibrant Community of Faith for Spiritual Growth and Maturation

A vibrant and healthy fellowship and community is place where we all are able to come and know we belong. Where there is kindness, empathy, charity, compassion, forgiveness, willingness to be honest, discreet, share with confidence, and keeping in confidence those things we share one with another. All of us are walking our own spiritual paths and experiencing our own spiritual journey - however, it is not meant for us to do so alone. We strive to be complete, unified, and in harmony because of the pure love of Christ.

Awareness, Come Follow Me, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Spirituality

Refrain from Gossip

Regardless of whom we share information with - we need not be the culprit that deprives an individual their anonymity and confidence. The spiritual foundation of all healthy relationships involves one's ability to keep in trust things an individual shares with us in secret. It is not our place to divulge their confessions, struggles, fears, and the like. What we here in private must be kept locked in our hearts and minds. Something each one of us want to be sure others are willing to keep locked up when we share private matters and concerns about our own life.