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Spiritual Wisdom, Insight, and Growth

As you read these daily wisdom devotionals, remember that the word of God expresses the mind, heart, and character of our Heavenly Father. His thoughts are available to each one of us. Let these devotionals help you dig deeper into His revelation. Seek His spirit to be with you always. Develop a way to be open and receptive to personal revelations. And let the Holy Spirit change the way you think. Most of all, let your mind be renewed and your life be transformed every day.

Awareness, Come Follow Me, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Spirituality

I Shall Not Waste a New Life

I still need to guard myself against impatience, lapses into feeling sorry for myself, resenting the words and actions of others. Above all, I need not permit myself the tormenting excursions into the bitter past. Now that I am spiritually awakened and alert to the danger signals, I know I am improving day-by-day.