Defending Restored Gospel Truths – Response to Nace Howell

Photo by Dan Galvani Sommavilla on Pexels.comThere is never a shortage of individuals attempting to reason with the Mormons and produce content that appears to challenge the truths of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days. One such individual is Nace Howell who writes and promotes Christian Apologetic content at his website… Continue reading Defending Restored Gospel Truths – Response to Nace Howell

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A Sense of Peace During Times of Grief

Because grief may be powerful and overwhelming, many of us have attempted to avoid experiencing it. This may come when we experience a sense that our faith is lacking in God. However, our Savior understands the depths of our own sorrows. It is the cost of our love toward other people. And it is sadly unfortunate that our society today teaches that we need to get over the loss and move on. One simply does not get over or move on after a significant loss of someone they love.