FAQs Of the Restored Gospel

Frequently Answered Questions

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hold true to their testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Similar to many Evangelical, Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic Christians – we hold sacred those truths revealed unto us through the scriptures, from our leaders, and from personal study, devotion, and divine revelation. We believe that our Heavenly Father inspires and calls us to Come unto Christ and follow Him. It is our quest and goal to follow the ministry, example, and teachings of Jesus Christ. Therefore, our core doctrines align with the pure truth, pure doctrine of Christ, and pure revelation contained within the Bible. We also hold true those revelations that have come through addition scriptures that help us understand the fulness of the everlasting Gospel and our Heavenly Father’s purpose for each one of us. This includes our love and devotion to the Book of Mormon as inspired ancient scripture that was translated by divine power and authority.

Unlike our fellow members of various Christian faith’s and denominations – Latter-day Saints do not hold to the creeds that have developed throughout the third and fourth centuries. Instead, we hold to the guidance and wisdom where scripturally-based teachings transform and motivate a person toward a better life. A life that mirrors the Saviors.

Unfortunately, many of our fellow Evangelical and Protestant Christians continue to promote the same criticisms that attack the Restored Gospel, the teachings, and even the scriptures and leaders of the Church. Some of these criticisms are outright blasphemous (slanderous) while others are mere misinformed and ignorant of the responses provided. Therefore, these frequently answered criticisms to teachings provides a foundational understanding of what Latter-day Saints believe and accept as truth.