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Behold the Kingdom of Heaven

Photo by Damian Markutt on Unsplash

Understand that the Earth Will be Restored to Its Paradisiacal Glory

And the Lord showed Enoch all things, even unto the end of the world; and he saw the day of the righteous, the hour of their redemption, and received a fulness of joy

~ Moses 7:67 ~

And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth

~ Revelation 21:1 ~

We believe … that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

~ Articles of Faith 10 ~

This new heaven and earth which will come into existence when our Lord comes to reign, is this same earth with its heavens renewed or restored to its primitive condition and beauty. Everything is to be brought back as nearly as it is possible to its position as it was in the beginning. The mountains, we are informed, are to be thrown down, the valleys are to be exalted, and ‘the earth shall be like as it was in the days before it was divided

~ Joseph Fielding Smith, The Restoration of All Things, 294–95 ~

In Word: The Earth will be renewed and restored to its paradoxical glory upon Christ’ return. Eventually, the Earth will receive its celestial glory where those who lived according to the laws and commandments of God shall inherit (Doctrine and Covenants 88:14-26). This inheritance will include experiencing the very presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (Doctrine and Covenants 76:62). Along with this – those of us who are resurrected and stand in glory with Christ shall inherit this new heaven and new earth. It will be Christ’s kingdom, as it is his inheritance. It shall also be our kingdom and inheritance.

In Deed: Much like the Earth will go through the process of purification and sanctification – we too shall be purified and sanctified. This is accomplished through our commitment to living in obedience to Jesus Christ and all that he has commanded us. The process of our divine destiny includes being sanctified before God. We will become free from sin, made pure, clean, and holy (Moses 6:59-60). It is a process that begins when we come to repent, are baptized, and then given the power and gift of the Holy Spirit. As we submit ourselves, with willingness, to follow Christ and the commandments of our Heavenly Father, we are continually renewed, strengthened, and growing in faith. As we increase in our faith and knowledge of Christ, the power of His intimate atonement, and endure with patience and long-suffering – we shall stand ready to be cleansed and purified of all unrighteousness. And while this occurred at the time of our faith in Christ, it is completed in the next life. All we have to do is stand ready, live life with vigilance and an eye single to the glory of God (Doctrine and Covenants 4:5).

In his October 1989 General Conference Address, Marlin K. Jensen said this: When our eyes are fixed on God’s glory, we feel the majesty of His creations and the grand scope of His work on this earth. We feel humble to be participants in His latter-day kingdom. If we pause and quietly reflect on our role in all of this, we will come to know that placing our egos and our vain ambitions on the sacrificial altar is one of the most important offerings we can ever make. Well might we acknowledge, as did Moses after beholding in vision God’s glory: “Now, for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed.” (Moses 1:10.)

Take a Moment and Ponder: How does our understanding of the earth’s restoration and renewal help us in our faith toward Christ and Heavenly Father? What does it mean for you today to know that all of us shall be purged, cleansed, and purified? How does this impact your decisions to live with an eye single to the glory of God? What changes do you believe need to be made in your life to be more aligned to the things of God?