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Feast Upon the Scriptures – January Daily Devotional Available

Feast Upon the Scriptures challenge us to read, ponder, and study the Old Testament. This devotional is the first volume and follows the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Come Follow Me Curriculum for 2022. These daily devotions challenge us to read the scriptures. Meditate upon them and apply the spiritual truths and insights into our daily lives. The power of scripture study brings encouragement, lifts our spirits, comforts us, guides us, chides us, builds us up, provides hope, and brings us closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Therefore, the month of January – these devotions focus our attention on God’s plan and purpose, our divine heritage, our sense of purpose and meaning, our identity, and our eternal destiny within the scope of God’s plan of salvation. From the creation to the Patriarch Enoch the reader will discover gems of doctrinal truth, spiritual application, and thoughtful questions to ponder.

It is now available to purchase for $15.00 on Lulu. And if you purchase the paperback, you will be eligible to receive a free digital copy of the same devotional (to begin at the new year). If you want to receive the digital copy only, please donate using the following:

Feast upon the Scriptures

Digital Copy of Feast Upon the Scriptures – Daily Devotions for the Old Testament. January edition. This volume is a panoramic view from the Creation, Fall, and the Plan of Salvation to the restoration, renewal and glorification of Earth to its paradisical glory.