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Surrounded by God’s Divine and Sovereign Favor

For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield.
~ Psalm 5:12 ~

God’s favor is like this shield in the battle of life. It surrounds us, protects us and keeps us covered by His loving embrace. Whenever we go and whatever we face God’s favor is there with us and for us. If we want to find God’s favor in our lives, all we have to do is reach out and take it. It is not the elusive object that I once thought it was. God is there with open arms, waiting for us to grab hold of His favor. He wants to give it to us because He loves us.
~ Connie Rowland – Finding God’s Favor ~

I observe the world around me and see how easy it may tempt one toward negativity. I often see good and innocent people suffering, seeing how wickedness is prospering more and more; but, what I also see are the circumstances surrounding many faithful Christians. What I don’t usually see is God’s attitude toward each individual. When we are in God’s divine will and sovereign care, we are not always going to be the same. Sometimes His favor results in visible blessings. Sometimes it does not.

As in so many other psalms, David cries out to our Heavenly Father for help in Psalm 5:2. His conclusion at the end of the psalm is that he will be blessed. How so? He knows who God is. Though he is suffering at the hands of evil, he knows that this will not always be his situation. I, too, may not see justice at a given moment, however, the course of time I will see two unalterable trends: the blessing of those who pursue righteousness faithfully and the destruction of those who pursue evil adamantly.

I need to know this when I wonder whether or not my pursuit of Godliness is worth the cost. It always is. I may not see it right away, however, I will eventually see it. God has never withheld blessing from anyone whose heart was humble, contrite, and lowly before Him. Never. That would contradict His character and it would violate His sovereign promises. He blesses the righteous and surrounds them with divine favor.

Do you wonder about your future? Are you afraid for your welfare? Don’t be, not if your heart belongs to God and you live for Him. It is not in His nature to forsake His faithful ones. He may let you experience hard times, however, never without abundant grace and never indefinitely. There will be relief. His favor already surrounds you like a shield. Sooner or later you will see it.

What is stopping you from seeing God’s divine and sovereign favor in your own life? Knowing you have access to His favor – how does this increase your faith in Him? His promises are assured in sacred scripture – what prevents you from experiencing His grace and mercy?

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