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Authentic Worship in Spirit and Truth

How happy are the people who know the joyful shout! They walk in the light of your presence, Adonai.
~ Psalm 89:15 ~

Worship in all of life is stressed in both the Old and New Testaments and is behind the Shorter Catechism’s assertion that “man’s chief purpose is to glorify God.” In Jonah 1:9, when the prophet Jonah described himself as one who reverenced God, he wasn’t speaking of something he did exclusively on Saturdays, but he was characterizing his whole manner of life. Paul, too, says we are to glorify God in everything we do (1 Cor. 10:31), and this is what we mean by all-of-life worship.
~ Ligon Duncan – Worship in Spirit and in Truth ~

I have observed many Christians who were perpetually struggling with personal flaws or overwhelming circumstances, and have witnessed those whose eyes are on themselves. I have found myself guilty of keeping my eyes on myself while dealing with my own adversity and struggles. It is a natural human tendency, but it is rarely fruitful. True and authentic worship changes that. It gives me a new perspective, taking myself out of the realm of oppression – an unnecessary state for anyone who takes the scripture promises seriously – and placing me in the realm of God’s power, wisdom, and love – the realm of eternal truth. It opens the yes to what is real.

Authentic worship is a learned art. It is an attitude of the heart that continually acknowledges God and values His character. It is the ultimate reflection of reality in the mind and heart of humanity. and it is the key to blessings.

With my natural eyes, I often see my struggles as huge obstacles and my chances of overcoming them as slim. I am easily overwhelmed. I know my limitations, and God’s omnipotence seems distant. When I acclaim Him, as the psalm says, I shed those earthbound illusions. My worship brings me into the light of His presence and reminds me of who He really is. It radically alters my perspective. Where I once thought my struggles were real and my God might be illusory, I realize that my Heavenly Father is real and my struggles are illusory.

There is profound blessing in knowing who God is and claiming His presence in my life. His greatness makes all other things – especially the hard things – seem small. It allows me to pray with confidence and faith that through Him, I will overcome. When He fills my heart with His presence, no burden can fill my heart with its weight. Learn the art of mindful and authentic worship and be blessed.

How are you struggling in your faith and relationship today? Have you considered exploring ways to worship God with mindfulness and authenticity? What does it mean for you to worship God in spirit and truth?

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