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The Great Love of the Lord

Let whoever is wise observe these things and consider Adonai’s loving deeds.
~ Psalm 107:43 ~

Love isn’t simply the things God does, but instead, God is the very definition of love. Everything that He thinks, says and does comes from love. Sadly, we forget about this biblical truth, that God is love. We thought that God only loves us when our prayers are answered, when we are healthy when we have plenty of food to eat. Especially when we go through trials in life, we tend to doubt God’s love for us. Does God really love me? Does He really care? Does He even know what I’m going through right now? Let me tell you friends, Yes, He does love you, He cares for you, and He definitely knows every single thing about you. When you know that God loves you, that He will not spare anything to save you, that He even sacrificed His own Son just for us, we gain a better perspective in life. That no matter what happens, we know that God will work things out together for good because you know why? Because He loves you.
~ Joshua Infantado – What God’s Love Means for Us ~

In our present, and highly charged secular society, depression statistics have dramatically risen. Suicide rates increase. Anger, bitterness, resentment, and hopelessness appear to prevail in our cultural expressions. How is this? There is often a missing ingredient in the psyche of modern humanity: the love of God.

Whenever one takes retribution into their own hands, seek to feed themselves with substances or ideas that only soothe bruised egos; become envious, strive to get ahead, or lose hope, one has forgotten this missing ingredient. The love of God renders all of our false emotions pointless.

Think about your emotional tendencies. Don’t most of our behavioral problems and psychological flaws come from an insecurity deep within? Yet if we, the redeemed, were thoroughly convinced of God’s love – the unflinching goodness which He has shown us since the dawn of creation – then we would lose the basis of nearly every one of our insecurities. Those who have immersed themselves in the immeasurable love of God are wise indeed – and extremely secure. They have no need to envy: no desire for revenge; no reason to fear; no time for pettiness; and no cause for self-promotion.

Reading Psalms 107 and I begin to wonder if our society is wandering in a wasteland (Psalms 107:4). Am I suffering in chains (Psalms 107:10)? Have I been rebellious (v. 17)? Has the tempest threatened my own safety (Psalms 107:25)? The wise response is found in Psalms 107:6, Psalm 107:13, Psalm 107:19, and Psalm 107:28. “They cried out to the Lord in their trouble.” The result is always deliverance, at least by His definition if not ours. How so? Because God’s love is unfailing. This Psalm alone says so five times. The Word could not be more emphatic.

Human nature dictates we hide when we’re in trouble. God’s word tells us to cry out to Him. Following God’s word is infinitely wiser than following fallen human nature. The next time you are in distress, cling to one unalterable fact: the unfailing love of God for His redeemed.

Is your heart and soul filled with hatred, anger, bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness? Do you question God’s love for you? Are you struggling with envy and lusts? Seek after God and cry out unto Him for His love shall cover thee.

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