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God’s Sovereign Glory

Give Adonai the glory due to his name; bring an offering, and enter his courtyards.
~ Psalm 96:8 ~

Glorifying God is not something you can drum up on the fly. Only those who are saturated in the Word of God and who are enabled by the Holy Spirit to live with eternity in view are able to do so.

You will glorify God when those around you will hear your beliefs, watch your decisions, and observe your responses to trials, and will be prompted to worship God for His power to enable you to live in a supernatural way.

~ Jordan Standridge – What Does it Mean to Glorify God? ~

Many times I have experienced where someone had taken credit for something I’ve done. So how is it that I had taken credit for something my Heavenly Father has done many times in my own life? All of us do this on a consistent basis. We forget to give God credit for the blessings, victories, and healings. Many of us, including myself, forget to give God His Glory.

When I, or someone close to me, is sick, I pray. When God heals, my tendency is to give credit to the medical care received. Or credit the natural healing process. Granted, both may have played a role in the healing process, however, if they are all that’s needed how did I pray? No intervention of God was needed if healing could have been obtained through less than supernatural means. Or I pray for employment. When God gives it, I credit my good fortune based on my resume, or network and connections, never acknowledging publicly the God behind them all. In our digital age and present state of political correctness, I do not attribute success to God’s providential power and Sovereign will. I know that many will not share my faith. Inwardly, I give quiet thanks. Outwardly, I let the misconception lie. I keep my speech God-free. Meanwhile, the Giver of all good things is silent.

How is it that my words do not give Him the glory due His name? how is it that I do not verbally credit Him with every blessing? Perhaps I don’t want to sound overly pious. Perhaps I’ve noticed how obnoxious our society perceives people who constantly speak of God. I’ve allowed present cultural influence intimidate me into never mentioning His name. In many of my circumstances my Heavenly Father remains unglorified.

One of God’s purposes behind His great works, aside from the simple fact that He loves us, is His zeal for the glory of His name. This is evident in Christ’s prayer in John 17:1-26 where the Savior says I have glorified you on earth by finishing the work you gave me. When I credit Him for what He has done, I am aligning myself with the zeal of the Lord Himself. I am fulfilling my purpose: to Glorify Him.

Has each one of us subverted God’s purpose in our blessings by not acknowledging Him as the source? Repent from that and ascribe to Him the glory due His name. As a result, the Giver of all good things will be even more ready to give to you.

We have taken credit for what our Heavenly Father has done in our lives. It is time that we rise up and give God the credit owed. In what way have you taken credit for something God has done in your own life? How do you go about giving God the Glory for intervening and blessing you?

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