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Seek Therefore the Kingdom of God

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
~ Matthew 6:33 ~

“Seek ye first” is an invitation to a new reality, the reality of the Kingdom. It’s an exchange. Instead of living for and by what they can do themselves, Jesus invites them into a life of sonship where provision comes because of who they are, not because of what they do! Imagine hearing this for the first time! The God of the universe is offering to provide everything you need—not just spiritual, but your tangible, physical needs—if you’ll simply seek His Kingdom first. That is, provision flows out of His Kingdom because you are His child and He loves you, not because of how you perform, sweat, work or strive on your own.

So practically, what does it mean to “seek first the Kingdom”? It means that you look to God and His Kingdom first for everything you need, including your purpose in life, your daily provision, your creative inspiration, your business ideas, your family relationships, everything. As you keep God and your relationship with Him in the center of your life, “all these things will be added unto you.”

~ Matt Tommey Contributing Writer – How Do We Seek the Kingdom of God While Being Here on Earth? ~

When I am in God’s presence and seek His mind, the Holy Spirit will convince me of the treasure I have in His name. According to the Apostle Paul, writing to the Ephesians writes one of the greatest truths on what it means to be in Christ, and tells us that we have “every spiritual blessing in Christ” (see Ephesians 1:3). This includes redemption, forgiveness, knowledge, hope, the Holy Spirit as a comforter and guide, security, and an incorruptible inheritance. God has lavished such imperishable gifts on us. They cannot be taken away, they are immediately accessible, and they could not possibly be any greater. We are indeed highly favored.

Yet the problem from my present perspective is this: I don’t know how to access these precious gifts. I see my physical needs as much more urgent and my heavenly riches as much more distant. I am happy about the salvation I’ve been given, but it won’t help me take that much needed vacation today. I’m excited about the prospect of heaven, but it won’t pay my rent for the month. I’m thrilled to be seated with Jesus Christ by God’s throne, but that doesn’t secure the position I need to advance my career or secure new employment. Or does it?

It all depends on how I see my temporal needs. Are they tools for godly living? Or are they a means to secure my heavenly experience now? Do I leverage the goods of this world for eternal purposes? Or do I spend them on my momentary satisfaction? Where am I really investing? Does my full portfolio major on spiritual realities? Have I learned that current investments can have everlasting returns? If so, my income and expenses are really very spiritual. They build God’s kingdom.

The greatest deception of humanity is materialism. Scripture not only encourages each one of us to live the high life – it warns us of the devastation of pride based on the love of money and wealth. Each of our obsession is to grab the bull by the horns and hang on to what we’ve accomplished in this life. It is an obsession of one’s own upward mobility toward an illusion of happiness and false sense of security. Did I forget that the problem rests upon how I define upward?

Jesus Christ reminds me that my citizenship is in heaven and that is where my time and energy needs to be invested. Take care of my temporal needs, and the needs of others, and then live in the Kingdome of God. What Christ is doing is reminding me that I need to seek the kingdom of my Heavenly Father first and then those promises and blessings will come. Not in a grand and miraculous way of sudden wealth and prosperity. Such promises and blessings will come with the miracle that my needs are met sufficiently for the day.

Where are you investing your time and energy? Are you turned to eternal and everlasting principles and realities or seeking to satisfy the temporal needs first before seeking God’s kingdom? How do you understand and come to know when you are seeking God’s Kingdom?

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