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Defending Truth Amidst Sea of Lies

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
but those who act faithfully are his delight.
~ Proverbs 12:22 ~

The Savior constantly rebuked those who professed one thing publicly but lived differently in their hearts. He praised those who lived without deception. Can you see the contrasting difference? On the one hand there is truth and light and honesty and integrity. On the other hand there is lying, deceiving, hypocrisy, and darkness. The Lord draws a sharp distinction.
~ Honesty—The Heart of Spirituality – NEIL L. ANDERSEN, September 13, 2011 ~

It appears that dishonesty has infested much of our culture these days. Truth and integrity appear to have become expendable because of this. How is it that people are quickly given over to lying? How is it, to ask in a more subtle way, am I sometimes attempting to create an impression that is not entirely accurate? There are a variety of reasons one may give themselves over to being dishonest. Many times I have sat with individuals struggling with substance use related disorders and issues. Multiple times I’d hear them confess their lapses and relapses. It either comes with the statement of, I need to be honest with you or is ended with I just wanted to be honest with you. The courage it takes for an individual to privately confess their struggles is admirable. And I always ask them one simple and yet profound question: Are you being honest for my sake or are you genuinely being honest to yourself as well? It is a deep and thought provoking question I keep asking myself. Especially when I go before my Heavenly Father to confess my own lapse in judgment and seek His wisdom and forgiveness.

Probably, of the variety of reasons one is prone to dishonesty, one reason includes a desire to stay out of trouble. Maybe it is a drive to get ahead., Or, it is because one may be obsessed with their own image. Regardless of the reason, when I am engaged in being dishonest I am indicating my own lack of trust in God for the consequences of integrity. When I am prone to lying – even in a seemingly insignificant way – it is because I am attempting to avoid the results of not lying. I take matters into my own hands because of fear of what may happen if I tell the truth. My dishonesty means I do not trust God to tell the truth in order to honor my own integrity.

Yet, God is a God of integrity. It is in His character. He never lies, and He is not silent when the truth needs to be revealed. It is His nature to be absolutely reliable. There is no hint of pretense in Him. He is who He says He is, He does what He says He will do, and He honors those who follow His lead. Always.

This is a comforting and yet convicting truth. Comforting because I know that God’s promises in His Word are reliable. When He inspires prophecy, it is accurate. When He promises blessings, it will come. When He says He will defend His people, He will. I am able to read His word with unwavering assurance that it is pure truth with no fine print hidden away from my trusting eye.

Convicting because the purity of God’s character is also Holy, perfect, and pure. I know that since I am called to be like Him, my integrity falls short of His. He is shaping me to reflect His glory. It is only when I give a false impression that I interfere with His work.

Trust God with truth. Tell it and display His integrity. Know that He will always defend the truth – and those who tell it. Even today God will stand and defend His word and His promises amidst the sea of lies. This is where we place our absolute trust – in His will and in His care for our lives. Hence, the reason the Savior says, “I am the way, the truth, and the Life and no one can come to the Father but by me.” (See, John 14:6). To come unto the Father means we come unto Christ first. To come unto Christ, we must come with truth and honesty as part of our humility and absolute willingness to surrender unto God.

We all struggle with being honest with ourselves, with others, and with God. How has today’s devotional inspired you to seek Godly integrity through humility and honesty? How does this convict you in your own life where you’ve been dishonest about yourself, your struggles, or hidden secrets? What do you fear most about being honest?

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