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Of an Obedient Mind

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
~ James 1:6 ~

Imagine fighting life’s crosscurrents and crosswinds without spiritual stability. There is a reason obedience is the first law of heaven. Obedience is our choice. The Savior made this clear. As stated in the Joseph Smith Translation of Luke 14:28, Jesus directed, “Wherefore, settle this in your hearts, that ye will do the things which I shall teach, and command you.”

It is that simple. Settle it. Decide now to be exactly obedient. As we do so, our spiritual stability will be greatly enhanced. We will avoid squandering God-given resources and making unproductive and destructive detours in our lives.

~Dale G. Renlund – Constructing Spiritual Stability; 9/16/2014 ~

It is easy to forget the requirement before the promise. God’s extravagant gift of His wisdom is only given when a prior condition is met. When I ask I must also believe. Otherwise, His wisdom will not come. My spiritual growth and stability depends on whether or not I am fully committed to walking in His will and not my own. Seeking Godly wisdom means I am needing to put my own ideas and thoughts aside and give myself over to walking in obedience to Him.

What does God mean by requiring my belief? Is it only that I must believe He will answer me? It is that, but it it is much more. I must believe – ahead of time – that what He tells me is wisdom to be followed. I must be committed to heed His instructions before He gives them. I fi am not committed, H will not answer. I I do not purpose in my heart to do His will, I will never discover it.

Today, many Christians ask for God’s wisdom as an option to throw into the mix. It becomes one possibility among a range of many. If I am only requesting His advice, He will not give it. He only gives solutions to be implemented, not suggestions to consider. The commitment to follow comes first. The mind of God is generously granted to each one of us, but only for us to obey. It is not a shopping item. It does not come with a return policy.

To ask for God’s will as an option to consider rather than a command to obey is to place my intellect above His. I put myself in the position of authority, with Him submitting His proposals. but He will not relate to any one of us that way. He is the authority. When He speaks, there is no better option. The omniscient Creator does not offer me a second rate plan. His first direction is always the right one.

Do I ask God for His wisdom with a resolve to obey it? If not, do not expect it to come. Expect rather to be tossed around like a wave in a storm. But if my heart will commit to His way, His way will be easily found. God gives me His mind in response to my faith.

Do you struggle with absolute surrender and seeking God’s wisdom? Struggle with commitment to walk in obedience to His counsel? Faith is not in our own ability – it comes by hearing from God and then walking according to His wisdom and counsel. Where do you place your faith today?

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