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Worship is Our Act of Service

I appeal to you therefore, brothers,by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.
~ Romans 12:1, ESV ~

Worship is not part of the Christian life, it is the Christian life
~ Gerald Vann ~

I have come to learn that a true and authentic Christian builds their faith and their life on the reality of what it means to fear God. This is where we come to learn wisdom (See, Proverbs 9:10). The reason is clear. Fear of the Lord is based on a true understanding of who we really are and who God really is. Since our wisdom begins with our understanding of who God is the next step is to realize how this moves us into worship. When I, personally, came to the realization and understanding of who my Heavenly Father is, the natural response was to offer Him my own life and will.

What I have come to appreciate is that all those in the Bible, who encountered the living God in His glory, fell on their face in worship. Like Isaiah, they would offer themselves (Isaiah 6:8, ESV). If I have not yet gotten to that point of laying myself on the altar before Him – without reservation – I have not yet encountered the Living God. His glory prompts sacrifice. It is the only wise, intelligent, reasonable response to the magnitude of His goodness.

I had often thought of worship as words and songs that came out of my mouth. It is so much more. It is a lifestyle, a sacrificial way of living that acknowledges every moment of every day that there is One far more worthy of my allegiance than my own selfish will. When His interests consistently supercede my own, and I act accordingly, I am engaged in worshiping my Heavenly Father.

Since my own personal and most intimate spiritual journey through a more mindful and meaningful Christian experience I have imagined myself in the throne room of God. Imagined the altar at his feet (see Revelation 4:8-11, ESV) where I lay myself out before Him and prayerful say, I am yours. Do with me as you will. I give up my right to govern myself because you are far more worthy to do it, and you will never do me harm. I exist for your purpose, and for yours alone. I have done this every morning and went about living each day mindfully and with purpose and intent. Keeping to mind who He is. This is true worship and sacrifice. And it is this true worship and sacrifice one is wise to engage in every day for renewal and transformation.

It is the reason Christ spoke to the Samaritan Woman while at the well (see, John 4:4-30). It is the reason He speaks to you. It is the very reason He spoke to me. Our Heavenly Father desires and wants true worship from us. Worship that is spiritual and in truth. We all come to the well of life thirsting for answers. Searching and ever seeking. For a moment, we receive respite from the dying thirst. Only to turn back and return again with more thirst that seems unquenchable. This is possible because by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, we are able to worship God wherever we may find ourselves at.

No, it is not attending Sunday Services. Standing to our feet. Raising our hands with bowed heads and eyes closed. Mumbling prayers. It is not even about sitting in a Church pew, meditating reverently, briefly examining ourselves. True spiritual worship is living a life that is present. It is our act of kindness toward another. It is our empathy in sitting with someone and mourning with them. It is our ability to walk in forgiveness toward an offense gifted to us. We are worshiping our Heavenly Father in any and everything we do in life.

In this fashion, the fount of living waters springs up into our hearts, our spirit, and our minds where we find our thirst quenched. Through Jesus Christ, we are living an abundant life. All that we are asked to do is lay ourselves out onto the alter of God as a living sacrifice. By which our worship transforms and renews our minds on the things of God and not on our own will and desires.

What are your thoughts on the nature of worship? How are you struggling with worshiping God in spirit and truth? Do you continually find yourself thirsty and not satisfied?

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