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A Vibrant Fellowship Is Needed – Damascus Way Recovery

Over the years I have attended a variety of men’s fellowship groups within the Christian Faith. Some were quite small while others boast a good following. Some of these groups appeared to have died down and were no longer meeting. It was not until I stepped into a fellowship of those engaged in their own personal journey of recovery from alcoholism, drug use, and even some who were working on overcoming the effects of family dysfunction and addiction. There appeared to be a real difference between the men’s fellowships and the recovery support fellowships I’ve attended.

While both have had their share of newcomers coming and going one thing appeared to stand out. The old timers appeared to recognize how those new to the recovery groups failed to grasp the process associated with the fellowship with others growing and maturing. Sure, the meetings sometimes may host horrific stories of suffering and detailed descriptions of despair. There was nothing to show forth the work going on to those who are still a hunger and thirsting for a solution to their specific struggles and dilemma. [ READ MORE HERE ]