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Spiritual Wisdom, Insight, and Growth

Of the variety of scripture passages that I have come to love Romans 12:1-3 is of the most significant. This passage consistently reminds me of three things. First, it reminds me that my life is to be a living sacrifice unto my Heavenly Father. Second, through this process of being a living sacrifice, I am able to that which is good by the transformation and renewing of my thoughts upon the things of God. Third, it reminds me that Heavenly Father’s grace is not just given unto me – it is given unto everyone of us. Not only that, it is also a reminder to maintain a spirit of humility by not being caught up in the spirit of haughtiness. It is also a call for me to be sober minded in my thoughts and relationship with other people. As every true Christian comes to know and understand – spiritual growth and maturation is a process and personal journey. This is more significant for many of us engaged in our own personal recovery from family dysfunction, substance abuse, eating disorders, co-dependency, and other chemical and behavioral addictions.

Like many of you, I have personally held many distorted views about my Heavenly Father. Even when I was brought up in the confines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I still held to certain false understandings. Not that what I was brought up with was false. It was my own immature and lack of understanding that caused many distortions in my worldview about life, God, and relationships. Much of which were shaped by my own upbringing in a dysfunctional family environment.

Part of my own mindful spiritual journey, and personal task, involved my willingness to allow my Heavenly Father to change my views to a more accurate reflection of His true divine character and nature. It also required me to come to understand the scriptures more than I have ever thought possible in understanding. Much of this required my ability to gain wisdom. Something I had never done in my youth.

This is the reason I had decided to launch this website (originally at prior to transferring over to be hosted through Blue Host). Not only to share my own struggles and insights into spiritual growth. To hopefully inspire and help other people struggling in their faith and seeking something that is more inviting, more enriching, and more faith-strengthening in their spiritual journey and growth. Much of this came from the studies of living a more mindful, meaningful, and purposeful life.

That is what these daily devotions are for. They are aimed at redirecting your and my thinking so that we understand ourselves, our world, and our Heavenly Father accurately. They are designed to move us further along the path of spiritual growth and relationship with God. To do so, we are to be willing to give ourselves over to God’s divine care and will. Our commitment to become living sacrifices to our Heavenly Father. Holy and acceptable as our reasonable service to Him. We are to come to not think of ourselves more important over another. And to think with a sober mindset and perspective.

Although much of the focus of this website is to provide daily devotions to you for inspiration and growth. The main focus is to develop a deep and enriching spiritual wisdom. These readings are not limited to the Biblical text. Some of these express the nature and understanding of who we are, who our Heavenly Father is, and our duty and obligation in living an enduring and courageous faithful life that are found in other sources. And, yes, the Bible does maintain the foundation of our understanding. However, the mind of our Heavenly Father is found where it inspires and calls us to draw closer to Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. In every case, these daily devotions are meant to help you reflect on how your mind works and to call to awareness what action each one of us is needing to take.

As you read these daily wisdom devotionals, remember that the word of God expresses the mind, heart, and character of our Heavenly Father. His thoughts are available to each one of us. Let these devotionals help you dig deeper into His revelation. Seek His spirit to be with you always. Develop a way to be open and receptive to personal revelations. And let the Holy Spirit change the way you think. Most of all, let your mind be renewed and your life be transformed every day.

My only request is to comment on these wisdom readings and how they are helpful in your own personal journey and growth. Share your insights and thoughts. Share these devotionals with others as well.

By God’s grace and love for us – we shall endure and grow with a newness of life every day. In that, Christ’s words are fulfilled in that we not only shall find an abundant life through him – that we will continue to grow and experience more richness and abundance in such a life.