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It Took Bold Courage and Faith

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you
~ James 4:7 ~

Acceptance and surrender are the two attitudes that have opened all doors to my spiritual journey and growth. It also opened the doorway to a way of living a meaningful and purposeful life. Yet they are the most difficult attitudes I had to come to realize and acquire. No matter how badly I thought life had me against the ropes, I still clung to the idea that acceptance and surrender were kind of a hopeless giving-in, a weakness of character. I learned this was not so.

Acceptance means simply admitting there are things I am not able to change. Accepting them puts an end to my futile struggles and freed my thoughts and energy to work on those things that I am capable of changing. Surrender means relinquishing our self-will and accept my Heavenly Father’s will and His help.

I do not have to accept the continuous misery that goes with my selfishness and pride. I will not surrender to the vagaries and machinations of the temptations of the adversary. No one can distort my thinking unless I have given permission and authority to do so.


Heavenly Father, I come to request your help so that I am able to accept the responsibility for finding a better way of life through surrendering to You and Your council. In Jesus Name, Amen