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I Called Upon God in the Day of My Troubles

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
~ Psalm 50:15 ~

I grow up having a religious faith in God. Yet, when life extremities caused me to cry out in desperation for help my religious faith had become lost. Prayed for constant guidance and yet never yielding. Prayed for wisdom and yet never allowed myself to hearken. How was it that I believed in God and yet was so reluctant to allow myself to submit to his will and desire for my life? Did I not have burdens that appeared unbearable where I needed relief?

Before I found true salvation, in my confusion and despair I asked for help in this way. Yet, I allowed myself to worry the next moment and found my own way to resolve those problems. When I fully came to Christ and finally asked for His help, I realized I was not placing my full confidence in him. I found it fruitless to take back my problems and attempt to carry out my will and desire. I needed to not only turn to Him in desperation, I also needed to let go and let God manage my life and direct me according to His will.

I was imprisoned in my own inability or unwillingness to reach out for help. Even if it were to reach out to my Heavenly Father. It was not until I fully surrendered myself over to God’s care that I felt free from the prison of self-will and pride. Something I had built up in my religious faith. To accept freedom, I accept the reality that I need to give myself over to his care daily and not by my own will. This is the true spiritual journey – by confidence, faith, and trust in God am I set free to live an abundant life.


Heavenly Father, with your help I shall face all that needs to be faced today. Taking no thought for the next moment or day. Resting my confidence and trust in your will for me every day. Let me grow in grace and truth as I continue to strive to free myself of self-will and pride. In Jesus Name, Amen.