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I Need Fellowship for Growth

For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!
~ Ecclesiastes 4:10 ~

During my prodigal days every problem loomed so large that I was overwhelmed by it. I was obsessed in seeking others to rescue me. It was the most important thing in the world. It was the final calamity of finding myself destitute and without anyone to call on. Alone, broken, and without another to encourage and lift me up. Hysteria was in charge despite knowing there was a world outside of my own suffering. One of sanity and comfortable way of living. Such a life was beyond my comprehension as I wrestled with daily shocks and despairs.

Since I have fully surrendered myself over to God’s will I am able to see my problems in a better light. I have learned to take responsibility for my own life. The words those many years ago still ring true No one owes you anything. It is not another person’s responsibility to save me from my dilemmas. Now that I am able to see my problems in a better sense of proportion and balance. I have learned from observing others how handle their problems with poise and courage through mindful prayer and sweet surrender.


As I help others through Jesus Christ I know that I am in the service of my Heavenly Father. I also know that as others fellowship and help me – they too are in the service of a loving and graceful Sovereign God.


Heavenly Father, I come to thank you for the fellowship of others in my life as we are there to help and serve one another. By your grace and divine sovereign providence I am able to walk in fellowship of others who are struggling with their own faith and confidence. Through your love and compassion I am devoted to be of service and to accept the service of others that you have brought into my life. Thank you in Jesus Name, Amen.


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