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I Shall Not Waste a New Life

Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun:
~ Ecclesiastes 11:7 ~

Do we tend to think of God as commanding our joy and delight in Him? God commands our joy in Him because He is our ultimate source of joy. God is not a megalomaniac who tells us simply to enjoy Him or else; rather, He calls us to enjoy Him because nothing else can satisfy us. Even the good gifts of God are temporary and, therefore, cannot give lasting joy. Everything will eventually fail us (or we ourselves will fail). God is the only One who cannot fail. God points us to Himself because there is nothing greater. When He commands us to rejoice, we can only do so in Him. We can only find true joy in God Himself.
~ Cole Newton – Rejoice, Remove, Remember! ~

I will not be dismayed if life doesn’t run smoothly, even when I am confident the active phase of my sinful and rebellious life is past. My life, and faith, is developing through the seasons of spiritual growth and journey. Despite the many upheavals and disagreements may have placed a rift in my relationships – I am now looking forward to a new life through Jesus Christ.

I still need to guard myself against impatience, lapses into feeling sorry for myself, resenting the words and actions of others. Above all, I need not permit myself the tormenting excursions into the bitter past. Now that I am spiritually awakened and alert to the danger signals, I know I am improving day-by-day.

Each morning starts with prayer and meditation. Showing gratitude of the blessings and accomplishments provisioned by my Heavenly Father. I know that God will continue to provide His light of wisdom in my striving for serenity.


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