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Do Not Become A Victim of Self-Pity

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But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.
~Psalm 13:5, KJV ~

The film Dan in Real Life contains this poignant and insightful line: “Love isn’t a feeling; it’s an ability.” God’s ability to love is His ability to find something in us worth loving. If you see yourself as worthless, as pathetic, as hopeless, know that God loves you because of who you are and who you can be. God is not foolish. God is not crazy. If He loves you (and He does) for your worthy traits, both actual and potential, then do yourself a favor and love yourself. With humility and without minimizing, embrace all the things that are good about you. This will give you the strength to work on those things that aren’t.
Jonathan Decker, LMFT, Contributor
Latter-day Saint Therapist: Here’s Why God Loves You and Why You Should Love Yourself

If I am able to see myself clearly and honestly as my Heavenly Father sees me, in my present situation, I will not become the victim of self-pity or resentment. If I do what the scriptures say, I will find peace within myself.

It is only when I start comparing my lot in life with that of others that the destructive emotion of self-pity is allowed to consume me. It is only by taking offense at what others do that I will be afflicted with my own resentment. If I feel that what I am doing is right, I will not be dependent on the admiration or applause of others. It is gratifying, yet not essential to my contentment.

I am only responsible for learning to judge my own motives, to evaluate my own actions, in order to bring them in line with what God’s standards and ideals are. This is accomplished little by little as I continue to seek His will and guidance.

Nothing has the power to hurt my feelings and stir up unwholesome emotions in me unless I allow it. I will do what is given me to do. I will do it as well as I am capable. That will be my spiritual security against which all outside battering will be powerless.

Today’s prayer and meditation

Heavenly Father, as I continue to seek you, help me see myself as you see me. Allow your spirit to continue to bring to my awareness those areas where I may be tempted to fall into the trap of self-pity and victimhood. Let not my eyes focus on others and their lives for I am only responsible to focus on my life you have blessed me with. Stir within me the love you have for me and the purpose for bring to me salvation and redemption. Empower me and secure me in a confidence of truth as to who I am. In Jesus Name, Amen

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