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Rise Above the Hatred Through Faith in Christ

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If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
~ John 15:18, KJV ~

Hatred is a toxin, which when introduced into the soft, vulnerable and defenseless soul of mankind, wreaks havoc, destroys everything it touches, and sends its host spiraling ever downward toward the lowest pit of hell. Hatred corrupts and perverts, sabotages and undermines.
~ Pastor Joe McKeever – What Hatred does to a soul ~

Hatred is born out of resentment and bitterness. It is a toxic weed that stifles any healthy growth of a human soul. And it is deeply rooted in accusation, envy, and intolerant narrow-mindedness. Yet, we are baffled at the contempt people show toward us and our faith in Christ. Someone says something that is unkind. Another engages in an unjust act that we deem to be unfair. We feel hurt, betrayed, disappointed, and even anger. This in turn plants the seed of resentment and bitterness. Through our own pain and sense of injustice, we grow to accuse and hate others. In turn, we grow to hate ourselves and stand in accusation of our own thoughts and behaviors.

How do we overcome the hatred of the world? Christ gave us the answer in His teachings. The natural man is at enmity with God (see Mosiah 3:19) This natural state is against the Godly and Divine happiness one experiences through Jesus Christ. For us, Christ gives us peace. This includes peace of mind where we are able to discern the hatred toward us is because they hate what Christ represents. They stand in judgment and criticism in their scornful condemnation.

We have peace through Jesus Christ to overcome the hatred of those around us.

Let us rise above the hatred through our faith in Christ. Recognize for what it is. Identify the root cause of self-hatred and loathing. We are not responsible for another person’s thoughts and behaviors. It is not a matter of ignoring or challenging someone’s hatred. It is more of being mindful and choosing not to respond out of our own frustration and anger. Do not allow yourself to be troubled by another person’s actions or reactions. The only focus is to improve our way of living faithfully through Jesus Christ.

Today’s Prayer and Meditation

Heavenly Father, teach me to discern my own thoughts and emotions as it relates to what others say and do. Remind me of my only purpose and intent is to learn from those interactions and experiences through compassion and empathy. Help me to recognize the root cause of hatred within myself and assist me in overcome my own hatred so that I am also able to overcome the hatred those show toward me and my faith in your Son. In Jesus Name, Amen!


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