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Theme of 2021 | Be of Good Cheer in the Midst of Tribulations

What does it mean for you to be of good cheer? How do we experience this in our lives – especially times of struggles? Looking at this word from the Greek means to “show positive passion as it proceeds from a sound disposition (temper); hence, “be of good cheer, in good spirits” (high morale).”

In John 16:33, Christ teaches his disciples that they will face many different types of tribulation (or to crush, press together, squash, hem in, compress, squeeze in turn derived from thláo = to break) originally expressed sheer, physical pressure on a man. Thlipsis is a strong term which does not refer to minor inconveniences, but to real hardships.) In our lives we will be crushed, pressed, and experiencing extreme pressure. Yet, we are to have a positive disposition of positive passion and maintain good spirits during those times. The promise to each one of us is that Christ has already overcome and will strengthen us to endure and overcome as well.

This is the reason I have chosen “Be of Good Cheer” as the theme for 2021 at Damascus Way Recovery. At some point in our lives, or at the present moment, many of us have experienced various tribulations. It is difficult to maintain a passionate and positive disposition where we are maintaining good spirits. We are not alone. Christ strengthens us, gives us the hope we need, and through our humility and submission to our Heavenly Father’s divine grace and will. The burden of facing our sufferings will be lightened.

All we are asked is to exercise faith in Him. This is how Damascus Way Recovery is working to fulfill its vision and mission to those struggling with their own faith. This is accomplished through daily devotions. Scripture study articles and commentaries. And engaging discussions of sharing in fellowship how each one of us is growing in faith. The intent and purpose is to cultivate a Cheerful Spirit through mindfulness, faithful, and authentic Christian Living.

Comment on the devotionals, share these with others through your social media networks, invite people to this page, and help support the ongoing efforts of this unique ministry. We all are recovering in some way.

3 thoughts on “Theme of 2021 | Be of Good Cheer in the Midst of Tribulations”

    1. Thank you for commenting and hopefully you are able to share these daily devotions through your social media networks as well.

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  1. Be of good cheer in the midst of trouble(s), wow, not easy is it? Yet in time, not giving up, one will see it is best to just relax and say, okay, another troublesome moment here in this life here on earth. And still going through trouble after trouble, Will you, I or and others give up?
    Probably, frustration over stuff, takes it’s toll.
    Yet will you, I or others deny God?
    Reading and re-reading Job, Tells me this, in Chapter 1, God stated Job would not deny him? Do you think God will deny you. or me and or others, no matter what one might have done4 or is doing?
    I think, this: God trusts us to not deny him, once one turns to him. As we are told, life here on earth is not a bed of Roses, Why? Because Roses have Thorns!
    John 16:33 is very relevant to me, and yet, I do not want or ask for troubles does anyone else?
    Contentment is to be learned, in Sickness and Health, Rich or Poor, matters Not Father will never leave us nor forsake us.
    Yet will let us go through ignorance to find out truth over error
    Thanks Brother


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