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Asking for $10.00 or More to Support Damascus Way Recovery

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Damascus Way Recovery is asking for your donation to help support this website and ministry. If every person reading this chips in just $10 Damascus Way Recovery will be able to continue maintaining this website, build up this ministry to help men and women struggling with crisis of faith, develop and implement a recovery coach discipleship program for many struggling with substance use related disorders, and pay guest contributors a nominal payment for their article.

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I don’t take asking for money lightly, I know that every donation made is a sacrifice and I am forever grateful for each and every gift.

I know I have been asking a lot lately, however, it will mean so much if you are able to give $10 to help Damascus Way Recovery continue fulfilling it’s mission and purpose.

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Other ways to support Damascus Way Recovery is to visit the Books Recommended Page and purchase one (or more) books. I only recommend books and resources I have either read or am quite familiar with. All opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent any specific Christian or religious affiliated faith. This post may contain affiliate links that are at no additional cost to you. I may earn a small commission that goes to help maintain this website. Read more here at our Disclaimer page