Come Follow Me, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

He is a God of Possibilities and Miracles

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~ August 6, 2020 Evening Devotion ~

Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?
~ John 10:32, KJV ~

Some years ago a Pastor spoke with me and shared something interesting. His voice seemed somber as he spoke. I do not recall the exact words, however, the message was clear.

I have seen people come to Church and after the service, they confided in me: ‘We won’t be coming back because there does no seemed to be any miracles being preformed here.’ I mentioned the souls that had committed their lives over to Christ that day as one of the greatest miracles.

It is saddening to hear people leave the faith because God had not preformed any miracles in their lives. Or, they were mislead by televangelists who claim that if they faithfully give, they’d receive healing. Some, even dangerously informed that because of their ailments they have sinned against God and until they repent – God won’t heal them.

God is a God of possibilities and is a God of miracles. He has intervened in ways we are still not able to fully fathom. He does not just preform miracles like a magic show. Miracles occur around us daily. the miracle of a new life being born into this world. Miracle of a person suffering opioid use, or alcoholism, coming to Christ and being healed and forgiven. Strengthened to live a healthy and sober life. The miracle of a prodigal son or daughter coming back home. The miracle of science to help us provide needed medical services to those who are suffering ongoing medical issues.

We see God’s divine and sovereign hand in all things – every day things. These are where the miracles are. Yet, how brazen are we to turn away from God with arrogant ignorance and stone Christ when those miracles abound around us?

~ Today’s Prayer and Meditation ~

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge and place my faith and trust in you. You are a God of possibilities and miracles. There is nothing impossible with you. Let me trust in your wisdom and counsel. When I lose hope, remind me of your love. Allow me to be the love toward those who have lost hope. Keep me mindful of your glorious work and let me be the miracle someone needs today. In Jesus Name, Amen!