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Coming to Terms God’s Way

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~ July 9, 2020 Morning Devotion ~

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
~ Isaiah 43: 18-19, KJV ~

When we put our trust in God’s will, surrendering our lives over to His divine care, we are essentially giving over our past as well. Through God’s divine love, mercy, and Grace, we are able to stand at a place to look behind us and come to terms with the past. The disappointments, the abuse, the destruction, the hurts, the resentments. All of these are removed as we diligently seek God’s divine will. For, coming to terms with our past is not difficult when we have Christ as our Savior.

It may be tempting to forget the past and move forward to a better future. However, our Heavenly Father wants us to accept the reality of our past as we walk a path of healing and forgiveness. He does not merely save us from sin and death. He also saves us from the trauma of our past. Sometimes this includes our ability to seek out professional and wise help.

Our Spiritual journey cannot begin until we face our past, come to terms with it, and forgive those whom harmed us. We are not able to grow spiritually if we are not willing to forgive ourselves. Today is your day to declare your freedom from your past. God has set you free through Jesus Christ. Embrace this truth as you liberate yourself from the past hurts and hangups life has dealt you. For, it is through Christ that we are able to come to terms with the abuse and neglect we’ve experienced.

~ Today’s Prayer and Meditation ~

Heavenly Father, help me heal from the hurt and pain of the past. Let me stand and face those things that I have carried with me and help me to let go. I surrender all unto you and lay them before thee. Guide me into all truth and understanding. Free me from the torment and fear that has been keeping me from growing and maturing. Help me walk in forgiveness toward self and others. Guide me, teach me, and show me the way to true freedom and surrender in Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

1 thought on “Coming to Terms God’s Way”

  1. Thank You Father, without Son, Jesus, we do not stand a chance. By Son what needed to be done is done in Son. Proof is he is risen, and I believe you in this truth. Thank You as David saw forth in Psalms 100:4, along with 103:12

    Even though yet I have sinned again, you have taken that away, and as I have gotten so caught up in trying not to sin again, I found out what Paul says in Romans 7 to us all that believe.
    What a perplexity, I see this be.
    Thanks Brother for the reminders to stand fast in beleif to see, even though I do not deserve to have this new life given me


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