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Authentic Trust in the Christian Life

There is severe discipline for him who forsakes the way;
    whoever hates reproof will die.

~ Proverbs 15:10, ESV ~

It is difficult to accept the truth. We want to accept our present circumstances with the idea it is just the way it is. We justify our ongoing behaviors, our reasons for wanting to continue with life, as it is because we allow ourselves to believe we are the very dysfunctions that bind us in captivity.

However, when we have a true encounter with God and surrender ourselves over to His will and divine purpose, we begin to develop wisdom. We begin to understand and experience God for who He is. And, the sacred blessing is discovering for ourselves when we acknowledge His intense interest in making things right in our lives.

This requires an intense and radical amount of trust on our part. We struggle to give a tenth of ourselves over to God. How much greater is our battle to give all of ourselves over to God? Yet, when we come to Holy Writ. When we pray and meditate for guidance and personal revelation. When we speak with others – there is a heavenly challenge spoken into our hearts and minds. It speaks against our natural and self-indulgent tendencies. A trust that is intense and radical comes with complete faith in God. And, God will grant us the required amount of faith, the amount of strength, and the amount of empowerment to move through His will.

As we come to trust in God’s will for our lives, we also come to understand God and His grace over our lives. He knows our hearts and minds. He knows we may be disoriented at times. God understands we may experience confusion. He is merciful in understanding that it will take time for us to spiritually grow and mature. And, as with any parent-child relationship, we come to understand when God speaks with sternness. We come to understand His correction in our lives.

The wisdom is based on how we choose to follow God. Either we do so out of sheer convenience when things are good and life is blessed, and then become resentful and bitter when his correction comes? Or, do we submit ourselves over to His will where we know He will be stern and correct us in those moments as we grow and mature spiritually?

Today, I recognize that I have avoided God’s correction because of my own rebellion and natural desires to walk contrary to His counsel and will. I realize that when moved upon by the spirit, I am inspired to seek forgiveness and repent. This helps me to know God is not one to leave me or forsake me. Today, I will place my trust in His voice, in His will, and in His plan and desire for my life.

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1 thought on “Authentic Trust in the Christian Life”

  1. To stand in and through any adversities, is key as like in the book of Job, who would not nor did not deny God

    Stew on that one, while going through troubles here on earth

    God knows, who will deny him, as well as those that will not deny him
    regardless he God himself reaches out anyway to us all in Spirit and Truth, letting us each know God does just love us all So deep this is

    1 John 2:1-2,12

    All I can say is Stand and stand in trust for the King of Kings Jeremiah 29:11


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