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Christian Authenticity

let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor.
~ Galatians 6:4, ESV ~

It is easy to get drawn away from the course of spiritual transformation and growth. In doing so, one may inevitably become a pretender. Acting outwardly based on the reflection of presenting social and cultural expectations. Sometimes, mirroring biblical standards. Yet, within the true soul of an individual, there is still corruption. This may be the form of hypocrisy we read about in Holy Writ. It is acting in a manner contrary to one’s authentic true sense of being.

The balance rests upon spiritual discipline for cultivating an authentic faith. Christ manifested these disciplines in his life. In recovery, we are taught to discipline ourselves to move from living a life of hypocrisy while embracing determination and commitment to holiness. Today, we may encounter people who claim to be Christians and in recovery yet see mere feigning toward holiness. There is no commitment to spiritual transformation. No surrender to God’s will and desire. However, those who come to realize the true way of living life through Jesus Christ discovers the need to embrace God’s call. Through Christ, we desire to live out in purpose, in meaning, and in love.

This requires us to confess and relinquish our desire to manage the inward struggles, to seek forgiveness for those wrongs we committed, and move beyond our failings and weaknesses. Do not deceive yourself into believing that if you act contrary to your feelings, you are a hypocrite. Truth is not always about feelings. Truth is about shedding light to those thoughts we harbor silently that may motivate us toward sin and temptation. Confessing them toward God, those whom we come to trust, and seek wise counsel empowers us through our struggles. Real authentic spiritual transformation comes when we are not pretending.

Today, I will not give into my indulgences. I will strive to live true to the teachings of Jesus Christ and mirror his life in my own. This will help me in living true to who I am in Christ.

4 thoughts on “Christian Authenticity”

  1. In that Quote, one day I saw this Scripture
    Gal/ 6:8-9

    About sowing to one’s self in flesh and blood, Then the last verse where it states to continue on as well as in Phil. 2:12-13 About working out our own salvation, that it is God that works it out.

    I kind of see a correlation in the book of Job, where God says Job will not deny him. So will we?

    We each get that free choice do we not? Where do I, we, you stand, God knows and that Brothers and Sisters is what counts

    Thanks for the poking to me to kearn more truth from Father of in Risen Son for us all to ne new in them as won as Father and Son are (One) Won for us to be new in his love and mercy by in his risen life, after his death first took away all sin then

    Joh 1:29, Col. 1:21-23


  2. You Quoted ”
    Today, I will not give into my indulgences. I will strive to live true to the teachings of Jesus Christ and mirror his life in my own. This will help me in living true to who I am in Christ. End Quote

    Go ahead, I have found me doing again what I did not want to do.
    Maybe others too?

    It seems when it is me, I that is trying not to do, what I do not want to do anymore, it seems I get caught up in it, and just can’t walk away from it and end up doing what I want not to do anymore, yet this flesh body still wants to.

    What a perplexity this might be for you too

    Romans 7 covers this, so does Hebrews 4, 5, 6 And only Father can and does reveal it to his kids, as that might take a while to see. for to me Father knows best. So not easy to Fathom

    So great one does not want to sin again and gets focused on that to not do it, yet s trapped in doing whatever one hates now. Yet we are told to continue to work it out

    Without the desire one does not go after to see it and enter his rest he has for us each in their own Soul

    Not that I have gained this, I just know to put behind me, whatever is behind me and move forward in the present given me, Life

    You and you and you too, God just love you which has floored me ever since got a hold on this, yet not got it at all

    Isaiah 6:1-6


  3. Thank you for shedding light into what recovery and spiritual growth requires: authentic living, honesty with one’s self. When we live this way on purpose, taking all our struggles and failures to Christ, whether recovering an addiction or a Believer in Christ, Gid dies Miraculous things!!

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