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To Walk as Jesus Walked

whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.
~ 1 John 2:6, ESV ~

How remarkably obvious that there are many people today who claim to know of Christ yet lack the ability to walk as Jesus walked. This incongruity is caused when an individual decides they’d rather partake of the blessings – yet deny the obligations and responsibilities being a Christian carries. The truth is this: we are not fooling anyone. Despite the fact we may very well fool our own self. Jesus, himself, enlightens us with His truth: Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? (See, Luke 6:46, ESV).

Walk into any church today and you will see many people milling about, engaging in worship, show admiration, and having an appearance of sincere devotion. Attend any recovery oriented groups within the community and hear someone share their story of redemption and salvation as Jesus Christ is their higher power and source of faith. Just as the Apostle John watched, many of those admirers, worshipers, and people engaged in sincere devotion turn and walk away. How come? It is when the teaching gets tough.

We only set our sights on God being a miracle worker through His Son, Jesus Christ. We desire Salvation – only when it fits within our own lifestyle and desire. We claim He lives within us – as we claim to be born again – yet, walk contrary to His way of walking and living.

The Apostle John desired genuine faith among those who claim to follow Jesus Christ. John’s greatest priority for Christian Authenticity focused on consistent lifestyle that mirrors the Savior’s life mission and purpose. Irregardless of our imperfections, we are shown a way to live life that ought to mirror the life Christ lived. It is not a recommendation. It is not a suggestion. The Apostle John writes that it is a Spiritual Discipline for every Christian to emulate the life of Jesus Christ.

Today, I will devote all my diligence to this simple truth. I know that the people around me are watching and are skeptical because they have experienced many un-Christ-like Christians. I know God has called me to be like Jesus Christ.

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  1. I am elated over this fact, whether one preach of Christ and Father as theirs or not in sincerity or not
    Christ is preached as Father leads
    The same as revealed to us all through Son, Jesus, who is risen now forever to never die again. It is finished what he came here to earth to do.
    To reconcile us all to Father through in and make us one, thus walk new in Love to all. As this truth to do, can only be imputed not done of self or others either, for not one can
    As Said in Galatians 2:20-21

    So from that first day in beleif (Eph 1:13) God himself seals each in his love and mercy given by Son for us to get new life in his risen Life and love as God does

    1 Cor 13:4-7, is the best description of love I have found in the bible, and not one person can do that perfect. So we each need this to be imputed into us, you think?

    Romans 4:17-25 Thanking God for all, as God, Father knows best

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