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Your Vindication

no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed,
    and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord
    and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.”

~ Isaiah 54:17, ESV ~

It is a hard truth in recovery that those who continue in active substance use will become the enemies of those who are working to transform their lives. These individuals have no regard for the truth and spend a great deal of time scheming and manipulating those in recovery. In the scriptures, we see this play out with those who side with God. David experienced this with Saul, the prophets experienced this with those who were their rivals. Jesus himself experienced this through the Romans and religious leaders of his day. Because we come to surrender our lives and will over to God, and, because He begins to work in our hearts, minds, and lives: It awakens our rivals who will stand in opposition of our spiritual growth and transformation.

In these situations, we are able to experience victory by not retaliating. Through mindfulness and reliance on God we develop a manner of remaining calm and patient. God not only heals us, restores us, and guides us in our recovery. He defends us in our time of opposition when those who come to revile us. He gives us the ability and courage to speak out in firm and bold faith. Through God, we are promised protection. God is our vindication against all manner of attacks. While we remain in His grace, those who rebel against us will soon fade.

Since you have started your own personal road to recovery – what attacks have you faced? Is it because of an overt effort from aggressive people? Or, was it more subtle from those who may be devious? Our response remains the same. From those situations, we remain confident that God will help us learn strength and empowerment from those who attack us. We learn faithful patience. And, the deeper our troubles may be, the greater vindication will we receive from our Heavenly Father. We only remain faithful and patient.

Surrendering our lives and will over to God also means we no longer rely on our own efforts to work out our own vindication. When we attempt to vindicate ourselves, we lose. Therefore, when we let go and let God we are allowing Him to work out His vindication upon those who come against us in recovery. So, let those people accuse you, let them speak all manner of blaspheme against you. Our promise is to remain steadfast in God’s will as we continue our path of restoration.

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  1. Standing firm in God’s truth, is a bumpy ride at least has been for me. To stand in situations as Jesus did, only comes from Father working out his life through us
    Luke 21:14-15, Matt. 10:16-20

    Bottom line: seeing this truth, I see I can not do it, I need God to do it through me as the new me he creates in me and all that turn to him in beleif too
    Again Thank You as we each grow up into his maturity not this world or our own

    Hebrews 5:12-6:3 and forward in letting go of the self in having to do, should have done and even better do or else attitudes of the flesh and blood

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