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Spiritual growth began with the seed of Truth

As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.
~ Luke 8:15, ESV ~

There is a legacy of spiritual growth and healing from men who have come before us. It began with the seed of Truth being planted in the hearts of men. Men who were called, and, commissioned to reach out with authority and healing power. This authority to heal and bring real transformation and restoration into our broken lives came from simple men.

The willingness to reach out, bring men out of condemnation and obscurity takes great courage. Yet, the hope of love and peace compels us to continue the legacy of healing. Through the continuation of the legacy of planting seeds – we carry the message of hope and healing to other’s. This is our gift of a spiritually full life wherein we inspire others by planting seeds of sobriety, truth, light, and love.

It is the benefit of our own recovery that we reach others, planting new seeds of Truth. This, so that other men after us grow spiritually strong. It all began with the one Seed of Truth – Jesus Christ.

Today, make the commitment to freely give your time and energy in sharing your recovery and spiritual growth to others suffering.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual growth began with the seed of Truth”

  1. Even when Adam the first was born and placed in the Garden, then Eve came to be. Then the Fall, I see God then and there in his Mercy and Truth did not kill either of them. Rather clothed them and set them out to find out, they need God being now on their own.

    Now to me that is love beyond measure. That to this day I see has not ever quit. As we as people kill each other over desires to not die

    John 16:33

    Psalms 23


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