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Hope in God’s divine power

… Is my hand shortened, that it cannot redeem?
    Or have I no power to deliver? …

~ Isaiah 50:2 – ESV ~

Radically surrendering our lives and will over to God is no easy task. Yet, those parts of ourselves we attempt to keep hidden, and keep back from God, means we lack awareness of God’s fully divine grace in forgiving us as well as lack understanding of how powerful His ability is to meet our needs in order to intervene in times of deepest hours and difficult troubles? This lack of awareness is based on our own misgivings and distrust. Our own insecurities.

It is our struggle and questioning of God’s power. Yet, we also know He created all things through His son Jesus Christ. However, we question the relevance of God’s power in our own lives. Facing very bleak and difficult situations seem to cause us to relinquish our faith in the hopes that our prayers may be answered. It is the very degree of our difficulties that influence our perception of God’s ability to work in us and through us.

Many times, we read the miracles of God’s divine intervention. Parting of the Red Sea, shutting the mouths of the lions while Daniel was in their den, the story of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abendago in the fiery furnace. Christ healing the blind, causing the lame to walk, casting out demons, and bringing back to life those who had passed on. We believe these ancient miracles because of our understanding of God’s divine power and glory. Yet, when it comes to our own lives and our own dark troubles, we convince ourselves that He is not powerful enough to intervene.

It is, therefore, easy to maintain hope when problems arise and are solvable. Yet, for many people that are in recovery from active substance use disorder, or any form of recovery at all, have given up hope when all-things appear difficult and unsolvable. We forget that God is the God of impossibility. Our very own situation is not one that scares God. Nor does it cause Him consternation to desperately figure out how to empower us.

It is this false belief that many people come to a place to reject the idea of God as a higher power in recovery. They have come to a place of self-conviction that because God had not rescued them from their past tormentors, abuse, or continued substance use, that He has no power to bring them to a place of restoration.

On the contrary. Our loving Heavenly Father takes great pleasure in empowering us to breakthrough our darkest times by providing the answers we are seeking. What prevents Him from intervening is our own insecurities, fears, and inadequacies. We hold ourselves back from the breakthrough we need for restoration and victory. It is through our enduring and unending faith in Him, that we are brought through those fiery furnances, lion’s den, and empowering us to cross through the Red Seas of difficulties.

Not just any faith, genuine, deep, and unyeilding faith where we surrender all of ourselves over to God’s divine care and grace. Let us not keep part of ourselves back by deception. Give all of our heart, might, mind, and strength over to God as we expect Him to move in our lives. With genuine and real faith, we are empowered to say to this mountain be thou moved. This faith comes with deep love toward God.

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  1. You know we all are on a journey here on earth, in this valley of the shadow of death. Learning his love for us given first by Son to us in his one time death for all. As Emotions from thoughts, received by us in not being good enough, I see we try to escape these, and go to stuff that fools us, such as drinking too much. And substance abuse too, trying to get rid of thoughts that have messed us up in past stuff.

    Thought drives emotion as emotion drives behavior. Even if got free from things, does not mean it can not come back again. So I see why he said to live day by day, there is enough evil in that alone, so to go into past or future. seems to mess me up. The issues of should have, could have and better not, attitudes, keep ne captive to the emotions of bad stuff that has happened or might happen unless I do this and or that.
    Kind of keeps anyone captive under Law, where the curse of the Law resides, not the Law itself, for the Law itself is perfect, yet whenever it flows through me, I see my need for God to lead

    Gal. 2L20-21

    Thanks again as growth happens in fellowshipping one to the other


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