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Finding peace that is like unto a river

Oh that you had paid attention to my commandments!
    Then your peace would have been like a river,
    and your righteousness like the waves of the sea;

~ Isaiah 48:18 – ESV ~

We all look back and remark on the many regrets of missed opportunities, mistakes, and chosen paths we have taken. Our thoughts revolve around the idea that if we had made different choices – life may have turned out better. If only had we chosen rightly would we have experienced blessings from God.

Many tend to ruminate on how, if they had done things radically different how much better their lives would have been. In some way, we shift the blame from our own failings, and willfully wanderings, back onto God. In some way, we convince ourselves God has let us down. However, the real truth is we have let God down when we failed to live up to His guidance and counsel.

Our selfish and prideful convictions led us down path’s that have led us away from His divine love and sovereign grace. It is the reason we have not fulfilled our desires and dreams. It is the futile rebellious spirit of our humanity that have led us into captivity. Yet, despite our own failings, we desire to come back to Him. Return to the path and find restoration in our lives. We want to be at peace and not in turmoil.

Through restoration of our relationship with our divine Heavenly Father, we may say to ourselves, If only and God responds with Now you are able. Despite those lost times, misadventures, and past mistakes; we are redeemed with hope of experiencing bountiful opportunities for growth. Here is where our trust in surrendering ourselves over to God’s divine grace and care provides us with direction. As long as we choose to follow Him and His counsel. It is our trust in God that brings us peace that flows like unto a river.

1 thought on “Finding peace that is like unto a river”

  1. Turn, return, stand in his love and mercy given us all, by Son, see this reconciliation done for us all.
    2 Cor 5:16-20

    As I see these verses. I see verse 16 most serious as to hear everyone in care to them the same as already cared for and love by God through Son to us all. Yet these emotional flesh behaviors, are in the way, when I think too much over stuff, that has happened or might be happening that I do not like.

    And in Truth it is not about me is it? It is about thought, as thought drives emotion, emotion drives behavior

    Thanks me still learning truth, in being set free even the stuff I do not yet see, it is as Father leads in Spirit and Truth in the risen Jesus for us all to be new and just love in the same mercy and truth given us through Son for us


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