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Repay with blessings

Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.

~ 1 Peter 3:9, ESV ~

We have a propensity to return insults with insults and evil for evil. We desire some justice when a sense of wrong has occurred. If we consume our resources on seeking justice for the wrongs, injustices, and unfairness of life, then we are depleting ourselves of opportunities for growth and development. We, instead, allow our wounds to stay open and block any necessary healing. Instead, we need to put to death our resentments and hateful attitudes.

Perhaps we allowed ourselves to be passively awaiting for another to make amends. If we are, then are we not allowing those whom we are at odds with have some power over us? We want to move beyond this and embrace the reality that it is far better if we are able to say I am going to move on because the change that is needed is  for us to turn to God and allow the healing to occur within us.

Our happiness is not contingent upon another person. And, more than revenge, we desire a life that is worth living. A life worth living for ourselves and for those we love. Our time and energy is best served when we are focusing our resources on cultivating healthy and loving relationships and not getting caught into the trap of our need for revenge.

Today, let us lift ourselves from the desire for revenge. Instead, through Christ, we are empowered to replace our need for revenge with the fullness healing of love and life.

1 thought on “Repay with blessings”

  1. Wow, how I have wanted this myself in past stuff, I know was not right to be done to me or and others I cared for.

    Get um Lord, I would think. Then one day I heard this from in the words of the Bible I was reading
    Read, Romans 2:1-4

    Then I began to learn what kindness is, in spite of others and what they have done, which includes me. So whether I have done or not one, now in past or might in future as UI pray in trust to learn to not, and not give me the credit if I do it. Because it is not me, it is God Father and God Son through me that does it right

    Gal 2:20-21, learning this truth as my Old man does not want to not be noticed, hates being crucified, always looking for ways to get me to do wrong to others.

    AS Father continues to purge me as Son has purged all sin from us in him, as in Hebrews 1:1-4 tells me about this, To be purged ourselves comes from Father doing this through us, me at least., this I am seeing happen, Learning to take no credit for me or others in this world.
    The one true Light, is seen through the risen Christ for us too walk new in by Faith alone
    At least for me, not that I got it, but Father does in Son for us


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