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Blessed to endure all things

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him

~ James 1:12, ESV ~

We become spiritually blinded when we find ourselves lamenting how difficult a situation, or experience, is and we resolve that there is nothing we are capable of doing. This is because we have allowed our vision to dim when stressful times come into our lives. We fail to allow ourselves to see options and opportunities for growth. We give ourselves over to the worries and fears. Thereby, we lose our spiritual vision and become blind to reality and all support around us. This fearful blindness brings the conviction of our inadequacies that fuel our fears

Instead, when we are spiritually in tuned, spiritually nourished and strengthen, we have an eye on the horizon. Despite the worrisome situation we find ourselves in, we see with clarity. A spiritual man breaths deeply so as not to tense up or close off his exchange with the world around him. He returns to the relationship he has with God, trusting in the process that will carry him through. Eyes open to possibilities for further learning and growth.

Today, let us draw close to our Heavenly Father, knowing there is a place of calm in the midst of our difficulties and see the possibilities through spiritual eyes. This is so we have the faithful courage to act upon those possibilities and opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Blessed to endure all things”

  1. In the eye of the storm there is peace and quiet there. All around it there is chaos going on

    I hope to stand in the shadow of the almighty to not be harmed to where I give up on his love and mercy to us all here one art, that is not easily seen


  2. To see from Father’s view, is a new mindset given us to see from.
    So will we, I, believe, receive and one day see it if not right away?

    Only if one does not quit belief, see the book of Job, end Chapter

    So, I know the troubles, as have gone through them too, as you have yourselves too.

    All I can say is stand in belief, no matter what or be concerned with how long it might take to see it.
    It might be literal death here on earth, not just standing in it as if already are.

    Paul I see was adamant, about being dead, and doing this willingly to see new life given us from Father of risen Son for us.

    Even Job went the distance and Jesus deeper than anyone ever
    He went willingly to death for us all to get this final choice o believe or not believe. stand in it or not

    So please make the choice and stand in it, whether believe or not, I hear Father would like the lukewarm to stop, either be hot or cold not lukewarm

    I know this through my trials, not placed on me or anyone by God, evil that is here, yes, that is what it does from in the powers of the air of thoughts we get that sound as ours but are not!

    So learn
    1 John 4 about the powers of the air in error to God and the power of Father in risen Son for us to just walk new in by belief, Faith to his love and mercy of Son given us, before any new life could be installed inn us

    Learn the difference comes from trials and errors in them for us that believe him will if not give up see this and be new in contentment, no more trying to stop the errors that held us captive to them by a conscious mind of them

    Purge the conscience is what Father does in us each, if Father does not get the credit in all things, then that Old Man that is dead has found a way through guilt and or pride to stay alive.
    Thinking, asking Father to reveal this to us all in belief to his love and mercy is for all, not a few, as I have judged that in past and am wrong for that

    Standing in contentment, whether poor or rich, in sickness and or health, no matter what willing to learn from every mistake ever made

    As Father leads as Jesus said this to us all, I do nothing nor say nothing without Father’ lead to say or do this or that.

    Think we are in training, I see we are, at least I am and now glad to have on my training wheels supplied by Father to ride through all storms here on earth, now and forever

    Wow, woe is me, Thank you I need Father and Son as won for me ad all persons ever born here on this earth

    Too amazing, as I see what the enemies of God use against us. Guilt and Pride, and make us feel good in Pride and sad in Guilt, whenever anyone sins again, having the conscious of to not sin.
    As Father reveals Romans 7 to us,
    Thanks again for belief and not belief yet, Father in Charge to this day and forever in Son for us to walk new in by Faith, Belief to and not of work as man boasts about work.

    Remembering a sitcom on TV called “Father knows best”

    Abba, Father, Daddy ours to just last through any and all adversities we go through


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