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Do you know what you are committed too?

By looking at the results you are creating, it is quite simple to find out what you are committed too. And, majority of the time, we do not realize how committed we are to a particular taskEspecially those tasks that are troubling for us. We spend an enormous amount of time and energy on things we have an illusion of control over. It is only when we are able to step back and become aware of our commitment.

We are either committed to living a life of authenticity where we are mindful, creating and experiencing joy, spiritually in touch with God and other people, giving over to compassion and charity, and experiencing life for what it truly is. Or, are we committed to the bondage of achieving some illusionary sense of happiness, all the while complaining, living out in victimization, blaming others for our misfortunes, and ruminating over our many failings?

Through mindful and spiritual living, we are at peace with God, self, and others. We are at peace with life – even amidst the chaotic and trying seasons we experience – where we become seasoned navigators. Our ability to manage stress increases as we grow in faith, strength, courage, confidence, and love.  Whereas, continually living as a victim of circumstances, unhappy, never having a sense of fulfillment, experiencing ongoing cankerous stress that leaves us with adverse health conditions, emotional distress, and consistent frustration.

The challenge is to select a particular issue that is troubling you and focus on how your own mind and body is wanting to respond with powerful commitment. Take responsibility and realize that there is a decision to be made here.  Continue with present commitment toward ongoing frustration, or shift your perception toward healthier commitments that bring you back to a place of mindful living.

There is freedom when we begin to exercise our right toward a more authentic and genuine lifestyle. Being mindfully focused and experience the moment for what it is. For, when we are present and experiencing life – we are truly connected. When we are playing the role of victim, grumbling, and spending our time and energy toward unhealthy commitments, we are detached from reality.


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    1. Hey Timothy are you still posting, I got this email from another poster as I have not been getting new emails from this sight
      Just asking, can you please check this out, I do love the blogs, and responding to them in sharing to hear and learn from


  2. This is definitely a universal post because it applies to anyone whether they are in a recovery of some type or not. Playing the victim never solves the core issue…it just allows it to burrow deeper in the heart and spirit where it does the most damage in lives. Good stuff!

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    1. That is so very true. And, it’s a simple truth we forget. I’m amazed at the time and energy I commit myself over to without even realizing it. For me, it comes down to whether it is moving me further toward where I want to be, or preventing me from moving ahead and growing.


    2. Open rebuke, even of myself to me is better than hidden Love

      What am I saying? It is well for the Soul to vent, and it is not well either!

      It is well for me to get out what might bug me, to vent it, to see it, and hear truth about what has got me in grumbling, as the Corinthians did, needing meat, but were not ready for it in that letter written to them from Paul, who heard God tell him to tell them, write a letter to them, not realizing what they are doing in taking for granted the grace I have given them to be free now to do, instead of under Law, as not one could ever do.

      So if I have something to get off my chest it is better for me to get it out, as if throwing up. To not take it back,
      For Example:

      Someone gets me angry, my wife for ex;

      How I react says what? Says more anger in her reacting, then me. What if each of us could see the other is just venting, I know how it sounds and how we in our flesh react naturally, protection us as started at the fall of Adam and Eve, was not me it was

      Proverbs 15 has a great seeing, And casting all my cares on Father of in risen Son as well.

      If I cuss and yell to Father, is Father going to execute me or live with me to see his kindness in spite of me, and this teach me. The other way surely does not, when under I have to or better have or should have or else attitude of flesh and blood not of Father in Spirit and Truth

      This be what I now see after being in a listening group for over two years before my wife and I moved to Texas.

      The listening was exactly that, listening, not interrupting, not trying to fix anyone in what we heard.

      When that one that was venting, when that one was done, that person would say, I am done and I will take feedback to what I have said.

      Then the others one at a time would give feedback. The feedback was to repeat the words heard, not what one makes up in their mind of the words heard.

      Just the words as best one can. It to me was like them being a mirror, and I could hear my own words used.
      Guess what that did. It got me to hear, and hear and not be upset to learn and learn, not think I know and others don’t

      Thanks as I hope this helps, as I remember my mother telling me, I can do too much or too little anything and either can hurt me and or others

      I just see if I son not vent, it builds up on me in the back burner and continues to be there not knowing it and one day I explode and do not see why, but God does, so I need a mirror on me.

      Thanks Sis, so water you are blessed too


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