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Hope in the New Way of Living

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

~ 1 Peter 1:3, ESV ~

Recovery and spiritual growth may sometimes feel quite overwhelming in the beginning. We may feel inadequate, empty, or even lonely. The pain of our affliction still resonates with us. The impulsiveness and drive to feed our inner chaos continues to motivate us toward temptation. Yet, we need to discard our automatic thinking, our drive to continue to engage in maladaptive behaviors, and radically accept another, more wiser, way of seeing. We are working to maintain our path and journey toward spiritual maturation instead of being lost on some divergent path.

Let us not be burdened with how far we are from the assurance of hope that lies within us. Let us not worry about whether we are keeping pace with other people who are also on their own spiritual journey of growth and maturation. The most important factor is that we are on our own path and experiencing the process of spiritual growing pains.

Wisdom will come to us as we remain open to further learning. In some sense, our spiritual growth and our sense of powerlessness appear to keep us leveled while we are engaged in the process of growing and living a worthwhile life. Eventually, we will grow from spiritual milk to spiritual meat. We will move from spiritual crawling to spiritual walking. All in our Heavenly Father’s, and our own, timing.

Today, let us experience our vulnerability as it keeps us spiritually alive and growing.

5 thoughts on “Hope in the New Way of Living”

  1. Let others be how they view things, Yes, agreed, for each of us all are on a journey, for serenity. peace and assuredness in the processes of troubles we all have been in, and might be again or are still in.
    Wondering, God having no respect of persons, is having respect of all?


  2. Timothy, this was a really good insightful read, especially when I’m trying to encourage those who have been down the addiction road and may still feel a little down when job searches or other needs are not easily obtainable. This is a nice resource! Thanks much!

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    1. Ms. Wanda, you are welcome. My hope, and purpose, is to provide a more mindful and spiritual insight into living life differently than what we are accustomed to living. Sometimes it is difficult and having some reminders to bring us back to focus on what matters most is what I’ve found to be beneficial.

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