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God Listens When We Pray

I cry out to the Lord; I pray to the Lord for mercy

~ Psalm 142:1 ~

Meaningful prayer is a conscious connection with Our Heavenly Father. This may take many forms. For some, prayer is a constant moment-to-moment silent conversation. For others, it is a devoted time of solitude where meditation is incorporated. Regardless of how one pray’s, we may experience a healing effect from our relationship with God.

Through prayer, we are allowed to move out of our own willfulness and move according to His willfulness. It makes a bold difference within our own personal lives, the relationships we have, and the movement toward a healthy and deeply enriched spiritual growth. We come to understand the tender mercies of God through prayer.

We also gain confidence in knowing that when we speak with God, He listens. This is because our voice matters and He takes us seriously. Through our devotion of prayer and meditation, we enter into His Holy and Divine presence. There is no fear. We are confident in bringing our pains, our confessions, and our petitions for mercy. Because He hears us.

Therefore, we are not able to blame God for every bad thing that may happen. Nor are we waiting for God to provide all the good we desire. The greatest resentments are resolved when we, with humility and sincerity, approach God through prayer and see the power he grants within us.

Today, let us faithfully pray with sincerity, humility, and confidence in that God listens intently and carefully to our voice.

1 thought on “God Listens When We Pray”

  1. Seeing this, doing this means to me to not stop prayer, what? yes for it I the intention of the heart that leads even over our mindsets that do control us.

    So in a pickle, not knowing what to do, where to go, whom to call, lost out in the storm.

    Might be this to say, okay here I am Lord. I stand in belief to be seen through it all, not knowing how, just believing as troubles surround me and others I see as well.

    Thank you, I am searching for the truth, no matter what troubles come up. I admit not easy though as it has got me in what I call stinking thinking.

    Which is like a spark that goes to me inside to my autonomic nervous system and whenever that does not understand that spark thought it got it sends out I’ll to my body, even though it is not programmed to bring on illnesses as it does when has got the wrong messages

    Kind of like a car, when it’s spark plug does not spark as it should, the engine runs ragged

    As we do too, in what I see now as stinking thinking does to us, here in these unredeemed bodies of ours


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