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Do Not Forsake the Fellowship of Others

not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

~ Hebrews 10:25, ESV ~

In recovery, we learn the importance of the fellowship we have with other people. Many lessons are learned from hearing the story of other’s struggling and overcoming their own issues. How they face challenges, reports of victory, and lessons learned from defeat. The rewards of recovery provides us with reasons to show gratitude toward the help other people have provided.

We realize that our journey is not a lonely venture. Having a community of people around us provides the necessary support for us to continue moving forward. We are enhanced and strengthened each day. For us, being connected with other people is an integral component to our spiritual growth. Not only do we receive mentorship, we also become mentor’s for others finding their own way.

Our story of recovery and spiritual progression is the legacy we share with others.

1 thought on “Do Not Forsake the Fellowship of Others”

  1. As this happens in groups of people whether here or there, being open and honest with out tragedies as well.
    I feel, and think this for me at least is the best healing I have ever experienced

    I am so elated to be able to say how I am feeling, where I have been, where I hope to be whenever that day comes alive with Father and Son who to me loves us all just as we are.

    Seeing this. I go to a place of worship, I get told to go get cleaned up first, and then I can join them.

    Kind of like drowning in a river, a boat comes up and sees I am drowning, throws in a book on instructions how to swim, and leaves, I am not saved am I.

    then another boat comes towards me and throws in a life raft, I get saved and am now on the boat. Wait a sec though. I am on that boat and ask for a cigarette, and a drink.

    I get thrown off as not good enough to live, so I drown.

    Then a third boat shows up, takes me aboard, I do the same asking and do not get thrown off, great, I do not get condemned, and the boat delivers me safely to shore. I am now saved am I not?

    So please see this is what God Father of Son has done for us by Son’s one time death in reconciliation for us all to stand in. We are first and foremost forgiven as was predicted will be in Psalms 103:12 Our sin is as far as the east is from the west. How far is the east from the west or the north from the south.

    Seems endless to me, how about you? So if this or since this is true from God Father’s view, thanks to Son’s one time done work for us at the cross, the doorway to new life on the risen side of the cross.

    Time to say Thank You, I am forever saved by you, I willingly believe you Father of risen Son I now ask for the lead of in you in spirit and truth to teach me truth over errors of this world in trying to do it right as not one can but you Father, who by Son did it, that only walked in your lead for him to do and or say for us to get new life today in his being risen the free gift from you, woe is me as not I or anyone else deserves this.
    Thank you Ps 100:4

    So I am learning to listen to you, for me to do and just be new as you do this in us by Faith belief you give us.

    All I can do is say thank you in all things good or bad that happen to me, for there is a reason the bad is allowed from you for me to learn new from.

    James 1:1-12


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