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Growing in our Faith

Today’s reading: Genesis 43 – 44; Ps. 11:107, Prov. 4:10-13; Matthew 14:22-36

Take Courage and Know it is God

Spiritual growth is not something that happens over night. As we approach the scriptures and read the experiences of each individual, we are enlightened to their own journeys. Each one of them face difficulties. Each one of them encountered tragedy, found themselves in some of the most trying circumstances. What carries them through is their faith in God. Take courage and know it is God that holds us in His hands. 

By facing challenges in our lives, we grow and increase in our faith in God. This is because when we are faced with a time of great need, the only refuge is to seek God and His wisdom and counsel. We are not able to resolve the problem without our faith in God. We are not able to fill a void that seems to consume us. Fear besets us. Yet, we struggle, fight, and finally call out to our Heavenly Father.

Once we bend our ear to Him, listen for His voice, God reaches into our lives and walks with us. Our faith is insufficient, yet able to grow in those circumstances. In order for faith to truly increase, we are to be consistent, endure, and be every watchful. We continue to stand firm in what we believe. God provides us the necessary strength and hope to move forward. Through our obedience, we endure and see God fulfill His promises.

1 thought on “Growing in our Faith”

  1. So true Brother thank you as we each grow in Father’s timing to us to see what Son has done for us by his Love to us, even when rebuked it is truth that is needed to be heard.

    To stand and not quit, is that key I see to that opened door given us as in Rev. 3:8 tells me
    Then Chapter 4, as Father reveals to each not me to anyone else, all in Father’s timing

    Remember that show, Father knows best?


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