Approaching Our Mindful Spiritual Life

For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

~ Romans 8:13, ESV ~

When we first started on the path of a mindful and spiritual Christian journey, the approach we may have taken was to have an immediate change toward spiritual maturity. We believe that our growth provided immediate gratification, resolved our difficulties we faced. However, in living a mindful and spiritual Christian life, we begin to see we are engaging in a lifelong pursuit. 

Within Christianity, and with our own personal Christian experience, there are three components to our spiritual growth and maturation. The first is the process of Justification. The second is the process of Sanctification. And, the third is that of Glorification. Justification is what takes place at the point of our conversion toward following Christ. Through Christ, we are justified and made whole and complete. This is instantaneous. It is where we experienced our own personal spiritual awakening.

The process of sanctification is our own personal path toward maturation. This is where we commit to walking by faith in God. Here, we receive counsel and guidance along our path. Sometimes, we may falter, take other paths that appear to be short cuts. Sanctification is the process of where we are continually learning to trust in God, and daily surrender our will and life over to His care. It is through this experience where we receive enlightenment. Enlightenment that provides truth and life for us.

Today, we focus on the tasks that encourage ongoing spiritual growth. We place our trust and faith in God and surrender to Him and His care.

1 thought on “Approaching Our Mindful Spiritual Life”

  1. Working out our own salvation, is a hard chore, to not do those things we do not want to do anymore, once one chooses to follow him, one sees adversities, aware of them as they come in against us. Even though we are told in John 16:33 we each will have adversities. But to not fear, for he Jesus Christ has overcome this world for us. For me I notice, this after my first belief in his trueness and life given to me at age 12, I rejoiced, then troubles came, to this day, even though I went astray over and over, I have not given up belief to he does just love me and all persons heard on earth born of flesh and blood.

    As I have watched now, not knowing but doing it, standing in belief, I now see how he has taken those things not good for me away now. So I hope a;; here reading this here today, tomorrow or after this, see to not quit, even as we see Job did not and would not quit belief, even told his own wife, NO! you curse God and die, not I.
    Job put his trust in the savior to come here to earth to save us, in Job 19:25. And he did so, but not how flesh would think should have been, even Peter did not see it either, who pulled out a sword and cut off Malchus’s ear then in the Garden where he was to take Jesus away. As Jesus put that ear back on Malchus and told Peter, you do not think if I asked there would be a legion of Angels to fight, yet I am not here to fight. He was here tom reconcile us all to his Father as Forgiven first before any new life could be or would be given us freely.

    How much we as his still to this day do not understand, nor need to, for we as Jesus did are to walk by Faith, trust and belief to see God will take care of us, period

    And this does not mean we do not move, we do move, and having this glory given us we do s led to do, Work, get receive, and just do not for gain, for the just I’ve only by Faith (Belief)

    That was not revealed until after his being risen on that third day of death. Risen Physically, hung out on earth for forty days, explaining everything to them then, Then when he left here, he said wait!
    What, why? For his Father to come and save them. Jesus’s Job was to reconcile us all first as forgiven from Father to us to get new life once one turns to him in belief and he sees this truth and gives this to us.

    Yet it takes a while to see this gift given as told is given to us on first day one believes, Eph, 1:13, then we start new growth, so will you not quit, for if you do not even in adversities you will see truth over error over time and time again, learning to let go of trying to do, what not any person can do, but Son that did it for us.

    See Paul telling us in Gal 2:20-21 yet it seems we each have to go through our own adversities, to see how deep, wide and high, we all are loved by Father through Son’s one time done work for all.

    So yes work at it, please want to be in with them as Won (One) when you come to the end of self trying so hard, is then when one sees they can’t do it either, not perfect anyway.
    Then that be this one’s crossroad, to let go and not believe, or continue in belief no matter what adversities come up, or have or might again.

    Can you be a Job, where God said Job would not deny him? Maybe Job might be our job not to deny God even whenever in troubles, and one might get to the last Chapter of Job.
    Me not saying I have attained, I have not, but God has for me and all that will not quit belief to his love for us by Son, no matter what troubles happen to them. Does that mean we rejoice in them all, Well I have not, yet I have not stopped belief. have wanted to, have heard those thoughts walk away it is not worth it,

    I stood in belief, not knowing how I would get through, but I remained in trust and still to this day do so, As I see Mathew 6:33 as truth from God to us all


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