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When God delays for the greater purpose

Today’s reading: Genesis 41-42; Ps. 10:12-18; Prov. 4:7-9; Matthew 14:1-21

God’s provision during times of famine

Spiritual maturity and growth is established with our trust and faith in God. His grace is sufficient for us in all seasons. As we walk in sincere obedience, faithfully devoted to God, we will experience peace of mind. Today, people are walking in spiritual famine and we are the storehouse of love, grace, and truth that brings necessary nourishment to their souls. 

This is because our Heavenly Father is constantly directing, guiding and preparing, us for something new. Many times, we are brought low into those valleys where our only option is to turn to and depend upon God’s divine favor. The length of our time in these valleys are dependent upon God’s divine timing and purpose. Yet, He is faithful in sustaining us during those times. Instead of doubt, we worship, praise, and seek God’s wisdom and comfort. For God has greater purpose whereby we are being prepared to accomplish His will. 

No matter what, we all enter into seasons where we depend upon God’s divine nurture and sustenance in order to sustain us. He will eventually bring us out of those valleys, and bring us to where we are able to fully see the purpose and meaning behind what He has prepared us for. Through our faithful obedience to Him and His divine and sovereign will, we are able to then provide to those who are in a season of famine.

It is in those valleys where we realize and eagerly declare God being the true source of wisdom.

1 thought on “When God delays for the greater purpose”

  1. Always, never leaves us nor those that are in unbelief either. Think on his wise, not our own wise being in a body that is not yet redeemed.
    From Father’s view today and forever what is done once for us all, whether in belief or not to him.

    What did Jesus do at his one time death willingly?

    Died for all is that correct and did this willingly correct?

    So how many sins are left, in God Father’s sight through this one time death once for all to be as forgiven, reconciled?
    2 Cor. 5:16-20

    So first ? before one decides to belief God and not self or mankind is?

    Is it true, that Jesus did take away all sin? Definitely not from this world’s view, that is true.
    I am talking from Father’s view only

    When his Son the exact image of himself in flesh and blood took on the cross without a fight, that he told Peter he could, after Peter pulled out his sword, cutting off Malchus’s ear
    The one that came to take him away to the Chief Priests that day.

    So either all sin is now taken away as far as the east is from the west. or it is not.

    Now David predicted it was, and yet not yet done then, as he said this in Ps. 103:12, he saw it as done, just not yet done physically as is today now and forever. John 19:30 states this truth.
    Even Job saw this too in Job 19:25, Ezekiel in Ezekiel 36:26 the new Heart and Spirit, to be given us.

    Yet that could not be done until Son, Jesus Christ. Yashsuah Ha’ Mashiach today we get Father himself in us thanks to the done work of Jesus to us, as Rauch Ha Kadesh, Holy Spirit to take over in risen Son once one is willing to stand out of the way.

    Hebrews 4:9-13

    We all are called as many do not yet see this truth, yet Father continues in his mercy and truth of Son for us to come to see this in humility only
    Thank you
    For guilt and pride are not of Father of the risen Son for us to get this new life he said he came here to earth to give us

    It is done in the resurrection for the new life after his one time death first took away all sin in Father’s sight
    This is not easy to come to terms with, yet is truth beyond measure

    Thank you as Father leads in risen Son for us all to be one with Father and Son


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