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For there must needs be opposition in all things

For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things…

~ 2 Nephi 2:11 ~

Through our spiritual journey, and growth, we are faced with the reality of pain. We are also faced with the reality of sorrow. Disappointments, heartaches, misery are all emotional experiences of humanity. As men and women in recovery, we come together to set aside our escapes. We have given up our compulsive behaviors. These escapes may have been through dependent relationships with others, or with money, sex, food, drugs, work, or emotional binges.

Today, we are learning to live life with one singular focus – our relationship on God. This does not mean we will avoid any emotional distress or pain. On the contrary, we are brought to a place of becoming in touch with our feelings. We feel more joy and more pain within our spiritual growth and journey.

Through God’s divine comfort, and guidance, we are capable of embracing and navigating our natural emotions. We come to not fear our feelings. We begin to deal with the life – all of what life has to offer – one step at a time. When we face our emotions, we are finally growing and maturing instead of escaping into an anesthetic life.

Fully spiritually awake and alive, we are no longer filtering out pain, disappointment, and sorrow. We learn how important suffering has in teaching us to grow and being aware.

1 thought on “For there must needs be opposition in all things”

  1. Grow, growing, making mistakes as we go, Father continues in his steadfastness for us. Never forsaking us, even when it seems as has in past, maybe presently, maybe in future too.
    Is that not what our minds do? Skips at of the present second we are in. Goes into future probabilities that might come true or not, causing at least me to have expectations, and depending on how deep these might be, can cause sever, partial, and out of control depression, depending on the dependence of whatever one thinks to come true, when it doe not then I see me in a world of harm to respond to.

    How anyone responds, can teach us truth over error or not, as one might lose it, over things not going the way one thought it should be, here on Earth, I speak of in Human terms. Not Spiritual.
    For Spiritually from God as all have seen over the years of their sort life compared to eternity to be given from God forever is nothing in comparison.

    For I seek Spirit and Truth of Father of Son my mediator to Father in belief to stand no matter what harm comes to me.

    That is where I reside, even though in pain, tears, and sicknesses. Col. 1:23 tells me this to stand and continue in standing in belief, not works, for that does not work, get it rest in his given love for new life to be led in. Rest I said, yet we it seems all have to go through adversities

    Hebrews 4:9-13 helped me in holding on and not giving up , at least trying to do what is good over what is not good.

    Yet one says this is good and another says no that is not. All man playing God, ending up harming others along that way. What does God say?

    Do not take away anyone’s free will. I heard that on Bruce Almighty, when God gave Bruce power, but he got bruised along the way, to see humility and not go after power or just what he thinks he wants

    I seem to always look for gold nuggets in all things going on good or bad/

    As I finish with only God is Good, even as Jesus said this also in Matthew 19 to that rich man that called Jesus good


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