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We bare the Image of God and Humanity

And God said, “Let us make man according to our image and likeness.” 

~ Genesis 1:26, LXX ~

Within ourselves and other people, we bare the image and likeness of God. We also bare the image and likeness of one another. Upon reflection, we bare the image of our childhood, our old-age, and those whom we have drawn close to. Understanding this simple and fundamental truth helps us grow spiritually stronger, insightful, and wiser. This awareness brings peace to our minds, our hearts, and our souls.

Fully embracing our divine heritage as sons and daughters of a sovereign God, we are able to bare His image as a beacon of light toward others suffering. We are able to minister to other people through the love and compassion that God, our Heavenly Father, ministers toward us.

As Christ bares the image of God, the Father, we too bare the image of Christ. His love, his compassion, devotion, and faith. Through Christ, we are fully complete.

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