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A Very Revolutionary Act

…”Do whatever he tells you.”

~ John 2:5, ESV ~

One of the most difficult acts of human experience is to surrender our very own will and lives over to God. This is a most revolutionary act. Yet, we are constantly told to learn how to control ourselves. Manage our attitudes and behaviors. Think things through. Never to give ourselves completely over to a supreme and Sovereign God

Humanity is based on the illusion of control. Yet, we are required to let go of our excessive carefulness. We are guided by scripture to move according to the Holy Spirit. Yet, when we are in touch with who we are in Jesus Christ, in touch with loving other people, and in touch with God; there is freedom and liberty in experimenting.

Our Heavenly Father stretches us. Do whatever he tells you is the most revolutionary part of our surrender. Through the act of surrendering our life and will over to the care of God, we are submitting to His authority and desire for us to walk in accordance to His guiding counsel. This requires us to be willing to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in a most spontaneous way. This is because we become sensitive to the messages around us without attempting to control the outcome. By allowing God to do the worrying for us, we find possibilities and opportunities opening up to experience His love and care for us and others.

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  1. Amen to that post brother, so true learning learned to let go and might have to again and again, as we grow up in unto the maturity of abiding for us, given us to see it is not me or any other, it is Father of Son’s glory given to him in the resurrection of Son made as High Priest to lead us and teach us with Father and himn as Won (One) for us to be won too by him only in his done work once for all for us to enter into his rest he has for us

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